Rivery & Sigma

Deliver actionable insights to the rest of your organization in record time, without adding headcount or building infrastructure.


Why Rivery & Sigma?


Simplify your data stack

Cut overhead to accelerate onboarding, create pipelines in minutes, and become data-driven.


Built for the cloud

Scale with an integrated near-zero management experience across your data architecture.


Lower the bar to access data

Reduce the reliance on data engineers, and get users to create value immediately.


Work with the freshest data

Sync data integration processes with Sigma for optimized performance.

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Arm yourself with Rivery & Sigma best practices

Marketing and Advertising

Create a consolidated analytical view from all of your marketing data.

Financial Operations

Accelerate financial reporting and closing with live scenario modeling.

Retail & CPG

Create an accurate view of your customer's buying journey across all channels.

Small data teams

Deliver data access with ease and scale seamlessly as your needs grow.


Dean Demerrit

Data Analytics and Engineering Manager

Rivery and Sigma allowed us to shift our small data team efforts from chasing an endless queue of ad-hoc data questions to delivering answers through better models in our warehouse that can be easily explored by our data consumers.
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Power up your data integration

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