The Framework for Today’s Data-Driven Enterprise Organizations

Today, every employee drives results with data, from data scientists, to executives, to salespeople.

But as enterprise organizations become more complex, and data demands grow exponentially, global companies must develop agile, fast-moving methodologies to deliver data to stakeholders. 

That’s why so many enterprises have adopted DataOps. In this eBook, you’ll find out what DataOps is and how to employ it across your organization. 

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Read The Essential Guide to Enterprise DataOps to learn about the different methods, practices, principles, and personnel that power DataOps. Discover everything you need to build a successful enterprise DataOps operation, including:

  • What does ‘DataOps’ mean?
  • The agile development methods teams can employ to improve data quality & velocity
  • How to leverage DevOps principles to make data teams more efficient, including version control, CI/CD, automated testing
  • The perfect DataOps team – the right personnel & structure
  • DataOps toolchains – the technologies that anchor the whole operation


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