Let's Innovate Together

Rivery works with our technology partners, from data warehouses to cloud providers, to innovate new capabilities that put our customers ahead of the market.

Our technology partners hail from a wide range of data-driven spaces, but all offer industry-leading technologies that compliment our own platform.

If you’re a technology provider that wants to incorporate data management or DataOps functionality with your offering, reach out to us now. Let’s innovate together!


Rivery Kits

Team up with Rivery to build a Kit - a pre-built data model - for your solution. That way, our joint customers can start leveraging your platform immediately, instead of building out connections and logics for data.

Modern Data Stack

Use Rivery as your data foundation to build out your modern data stack. Take dashboarding, BI, and business insights to the next level with a start-to-finish data management solution.

Joint Go-to-Market

We’ll build together, and promote together. Lean on our co-marketing and campaign resources to get the word out about your innovations.


Developers can leverage Snowflake’s Snowpark in Rivery to use their preferred programming languages on Snowflake, and execute Scala code and Java UDFs in automated data workflows.
“I came to Rivery because I saw the opportunity to build a partner program that's foundation was based on the confidence of our product. Service Partners want to select the best solutions for the project at hand, so for a technology partner like Rivery, ‘trust’ becomes the most valuable currency to developing a partnership. At Rivery, we are taking product + dedication to build a program for our Service partners that puts them at the center of our success.”
Kyra Purvis, VP of Alliances & Partnerships, Rivery