Daniel Buchuk
SEP 16, 2023
4 min read
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1. Ken Jee – Data Science & Sports Analytics

Ken has been working in the data science field doing sports analytics for the last 5 years. He held data science positions in companies ranging from startups to fortune 100 organizations.  Ken transitioned into data science from a business and consulting background. His journey into data science wasn’t straight-forward, so he decided to start making YouTube videos to share his experiences and to hopefully help others get break into the data science and sports analytics fields. 

Subscribers: 154,000

Channel Views: 4,507,547

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2. Data Professor

Chanin Nantasenamat, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Bioinformatics at a Research University where he leads a research laboratory that harnesses data science for unraveling the hidden knowledge of big data in medicine. Chanin has more than 15 years of experience in data science (as applied to bioinformatics). The Data Professor YouTube channel is an extension of his passion in helping students and data enthusiasts learn about Data Science and how it can be used to make sense of data. 

Subscribers: 82,400

Channel Views: 1,747,948 views

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3. Tina Huang

Tina is a data scientist at a FAANG company. She graduated from the University of Toronto where I studied pharmacology. She worked in bioinformatics for a year and then did my masters in computer science (MCIT) at the University of Pennsylvania. Tina then interned at Goldman Sachs, then got my current data science job in tech. Her channel is about data science, learning, and productivity.

Subscribers: 106,000

Channel Views: 3,250,970

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4. Luke Barousse

Luke is a Lead Data Analyst & Engineer for CloudFarms (a BASF-owned Startup). In his spare time, he makes videos about tech and skills for data science. Luke’s career and life experience is interesting and unique – certainly an unusual road to data science! A seven-year stint as a naval officer and a subsequent transition into a business analyst primed his current acumen as a data analyst.

Subscribers: 76,500

Channel Views: 3,392,095 views

Most Popular Video: Become a DATA ANALYST with NO degree?! The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

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Simple Solutions for Complex Data Pipelines

Rivery's SaaS ELT platform provides a unified solution for data pipelines, workflow orchestration, and data operations. Some of Rivery's features and capabilities:
  • Completely Automated SaaS Platform: Get setup and start connecting data in the Rivery platform in just a few minutes with little to no maintenance required.
  • 200+ Native Connectors: Instantly connect to applications, databases, file storage options, and data warehouses with our fully-managed and always up-to-date connectors, including BigQuery, Redshift, Shopify, Snowflake, Amazon S3, Firebolt, Databricks, Salesforce, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Rest API to name just a few.
  • Python Support: Have a data source that requires custom code? With Rivery’s native Python support, you can pull data from any system, no matter how complex the need.
  • 1-Click Data Apps: With Rivery Kits, deploy complete, production-level workflow templates in minutes with data models, pipelines, transformations, table schemas, and orchestration logic already defined for you based on best practices.
  • Data Development Lifecycle Support: Separate walled-off environments for each stage of your development, from dev and staging to production, making it easier to move fast without breaking things. Get version control, API, & CLI included.
  • Solution-Led Support: Consistently rated the best support by G2, receive engineering-led assistance from Rivery to facilitate all your data needs.

5. Andreas Kretz – The Plumber of Data Science 

Andreas channel helps people get into data engineering, the plumbing of data science. Figuring out how to ingest, process and store data to enable the Data Scientist to do awesome stuff for customers. Using tools like Hadoop, Spark and Kafka. Andrea’s channel videos include Data Science Hangout live streams, Tutorials, and Strategy videos that help you get hands on experience in data engineering.

Subscribers: 23,500

Channel Views: 660,506

Most Popular Video: The Right Path to Becoming a Data Engineer

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6. Alex The Analyst

Alex Freberg’s channel goes over everything you need to know to become a Data Analyst. If you are wanting to make a career change or learn the skills needed to become a Data Analyst, this channel is a great resource to help you make your mind up. When he’s not on YouTube, Alex is a data analyst working with clients to help them better manage and utilize their data. His specialities include SQL, Python, and Microsoft Applications.

Subscribers: 98,400

Channel Views: 3,434,850

Most Popular Video: Data Scientist vs Data Analyst | Which Is Right For You?

Newest Video: When To Start Applying To Your First Data Analyst Job

7. Data Science Jay

Jay is a data scientist and founder of Interview Query. His channel helps people learn about full stack data science, data science interviewing tips, and how to land the dream data science job. Jay has worked in data science in Silicon Valley for the past five years before starting Interview Query, a data science interview prep newsletter.

Subscribers: 14,600

Channel Views: 556,062 views

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