Aviv Noy
FEB 4, 2020
5 min read
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Databases are not static entities.

They are constantly changing and evolving at all times, making data syncs across cloud and on-premise solutions difficult. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Auto-Migration, our latest feature that enables auto-syncing data migrations in a few clicks.

Auto-Migration seamlessly ensures comprehensive data congruence between your various databases, both cloud and on-premise, by automatically detecting and enforcing all changes in your data.

This new approach to data migration changes the old paradigm completely.

Prior to Auto-Migration, each database table involved in a migration required a dedicated data pipeline, known as a “river” in Rivery.

Customers also had to manage and track changes across all their data sources, including multiple versions, additional columns, or new keys. Finally, adjusting differences between on-premise and cloud databases was not a streamlined process.

Auto-Migration removes these data migration obstacles once and for all! The feature empowers customers to load more than one database table using the same river.

Auto-Migration also offers automatic data pipeline setups that eliminates manual configurations. And Auto-Migration provides data sync scheduling, meaning customers can constantly update databases at regular intervals in near real-time.

With Auto-Migration, customers sprint past the old data migration methods, such as creating one river per table, manually handling processes such as mapping and source management, and scheduling sync intervals for each individual table.

Now customers can set up comprehensive, up-to-date data syncs with just a single river!

Minimize the firefighting.
Maximize ROI on pipelines.

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