Tamir Admon
AUG 31, 2020
5 min read
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As we grow our list of API data integrations, we’re excited to introduce our latest addition to our portfolio of data connectors.

From this week, AdRoll connector is available to all Rivery users. AdRoll is a marketing platform for e-commerce brands. It provides tools for email marketing, AI-driven product recommendations, and cross-channel measurement. 

AdRoll’s mission is to level the playing field for direct-to-consumer brands. It helps some of the world’s most successful ecommerce platforms deliver successful ad campaigns that convert through leveraging user data.

They are able to do this by analyzing behavior, preference and intent of billions of shoppers. Their data and machine learning unifies everything they know about them with everything their customers know about them. Their platform ultimately helps brands make better marketing decisions.

Rivery’s new AdRoll API connector currently enables to pull data from their CRUD API (Create, Read, Update, Delete) – which is what our customers needed most. Within it, you can pull reports on Ads, campaigns and subset info within them.

This includes variables such as campaign attributes, advertisers, campaign segments, audience segments, and campaign adgroups and more. 


Optimizing Marketing Data Processes

Rivery helps marketing teams optimize data processes and take control of their data. By unifying all the multiple marketing channels and campaigns organizations have the accessibility they need to their marketing & advertising data. 

This can be especially challenging for companies with extensive brand portfolios. A single source of truth means that on the one hand ROI can be calculated more efficiently by combining all data points, and on the other hand, teams have the visibility they need to take the guesswork out of the equation.

We hope this new addition to our list of API integrations will help all our customers’ that use AdRoll streamline their marketing data – and free their teams from complex or cumbersome tasks to create reports and calculate their marketing ROI effectively.

Being a marketer in the 21st century is challenging. Marketing teams have to juggle dozens of advertising channels and campaigns.

In addition,  the speed in which they have to react to campaign performance has increased drastically. As the industry moves towards, real-time insights that require a much faster decision-making process.

As many of our other integrations, this new development was done as a result of demand and requests from our existing customers.

If there are any other integrations for marketing platforms you’d like to see on our ever-growing list of off the shelf connectors, let us know!

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