Kevin Bartley
MAY 25, 2021
5 min read
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Every year, clients expect digital agencies to move faster, handle more data, and present sharper insights. In a hyper-efficient market with no room for error, digital agencies must develop agile data frameworks that can facilitate these high expectations.

That’s why digital agencies are turning to DataOps.

Join us for our latest Webinar – DataOps Management for Digital Agencies – on Wednesday, June 2nd, 10am ET / 5pm Israel to learn how digital agencies are using DataOps to win in this fast-moving environment.

What You’ll Learn

Led by a Q&A panel of industry experts, the webinar will give an inside look at how real agencies are using DataOps, including:

  • Generating faster, more accurate client reports by enhancing the velocity & quality of data
  • Rapidly delivering data to any agency stakeholder, internal or external, by building repeatable & adaptable data infrastructure
  • Implementing client requests in minutes, rather than months, using agile development principles
  • Building a data architecture that acts as a “single source of truth” for all agency stakeholders
  • Deploying instant data models & other capabilities that boost time-to-value of agency projects

Who’s Speaking?

Our panel will leverage our customers, partners, and team members to give an inside look at how DataOps is powering top agencies. The speakers will include:

Jordan Maddocks – Strategy & Analytics – Gupta Media

Jordan leads Strategy & Analytics at Gupta Media. In his role, Jordan works across all aspects of the agency’s business and helps clients, analysts, and leadership develop and execute complex digital advertising campaigns.

Khalil Sheikh – Saxon Global – Executive Vice President of Solutions and Strategy

Khalil Sheikh is the Executive Vice President of Saxon Global. With more than 28 years of experience in the agency space, Khalil has expertise across many industry verticals, including finance, telecom, retail, and healthcare.

Vardit Jonasz – Rivery – Vice President, Product

As VP of Product, Vardit leads Rivery’s product vision, strategy, roadmap, and design. Vardit’s career spans 20+ years in software development and leadership roles within product management.

Grab a front row seat to see how the top agencies are operating, and learn what the future of data management will look like. We hope to see you there!

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