Kevin Bartley
AUG 24, 2021
5 min read
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Since 2020, marketing APIs evolved and expanded as the martech industry changed dramatically. At the start of 2020, Covid-19 made digital marketing more important than ever. Apple iOS 14 forced API updates and upended digital marketing strategies. In this environment, the number of marketing APIs and API updates ballooned higher. Just consider the five marketing APIs with the most updates since 2020:

If you’re a developer that uses these marketing APIs, you’ve had to deal with 125 API updates since 2020. With such fast-changing APIs, scattered documentation, and high organizational expectations, developers are long overdue for a centralized resource devoted to marketing APIs.

The Developer’s Reference Guide to Marketing APIs: 2021 Version Benchmarks & Stats is the ultimate developer guidebook for integrating and maintaining marketing APIs. By pairing anonymized, aggregated customer data with open-source documentation, Rivery has produced the most comprehensive guide to marketing APIs yet, from technical API specs, to implementation walkthroughs, to how our customers are using each API.

Download The Developer’s Reference Guide to Marketing APIs to discover:

  • How companies are accessing marketing data via API, so developers can benchmark their resource investments.
  • Top rankings at both the API and report levels, including Most Popular, Most Data Usage, and Most Frequently Pulled.
  • A full overview of each marketing API, including API updates since 2020, current API version, and API documentation.
  • Technical benchmarks for each API, such as Top Reports, Average Size Per Run, and Run Frequency.
  • Explanations of how each API works, including data pulled, use cases, and API design.

The Developer’s Reference Guide to Marketing APIs: 2021 Version Benchmarks & Stats offers everything developers need to know about marketing APIs. Download the Guide now!

The Developer's Reference Guide to Marketing APIs

2021 Version Benchmarks & Stats

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