Alon Reznik
AUG 28, 2017
5 min read
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A new exciting integration has just arrived to Rivery. You can now add data from Facebook Pages to your data set.

This is a huge addition to our suite of data sources, since Facebook plays such a pivotal role in the online marketing mix for most brands.

There are two types of data that you’ll be able to aggregate with Rivery:


Page insights:

Any online marketer that manages a Facebook Page will be familiar with the insights and analytics they provide, as well as their limitations to manipulate it.

Rivery’s integration enables you to pull this data so you can slice and dice it in the most valuable way for your business.

For example, you might want to aggregate this data to other social analytics such as Twitter or LinkedIn data to benchmark and compare campaign ROI. 

Analytics are the driving force behind most digital marketing campaigns. As the number of advertising platforms used by online experts becomes larger and more complex, it’s essential for campaign managers to be able to align all their activity to measure it efficiently and 


Competitor Insights:

There’s a lot of information visible to anyone on any brand page. Comments, likes, reactions, shares, etc.

However, it can be hard to aggregate it or make sense of it when without access to the page’s insights console. With Rivery, you’ll be able to collect this data for competitor pages to gain a full view of the social performance for competitor Facebook Pages. 

What’s more, once you pull this data it can be used in countless ways to benchmark performance based on metrics such as ratio or social interactions per post or creating a ranking of other pages’ most successful social posts based on the response from their fan base.

This can be a powerful resource to understand how competitors leverage their social channels and gain knowledge on which creative works best with their audiences.

There are many other ways in which this data can be used – for example, it’s now possible for brands to cross-reference followers between pages to understand what percent of an fanbase is shared between competing pages.

Our customers are already using Facebook Pages data with Rivery to leverage their social performance and competitive intelligence and we’d love to hear how you are using this new tool!

If you’d like to share your story or have any questions/feedback just get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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