Ophir Prusak
APR 17, 2022
5 min read
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You know that feeling when you have two things, each really good on their own, but put them together and they become mind-blowing awesomeness? That’s what you get when you put Rivery and Firebolt together.

Let me explain why…

We’re currently in the midst of a major shift in the world of data:

  • Business users want deeper insights, faster
  • End users expect sub second response times to any question
  • Data sets are getting bigger and more diverse
  • Data workflow requirements are becoming increasingly complex 

In other words, data teams are now under more pressure than ever, and often find themselves trying to choose between solutions that are “simple & reliable” vs “powerful, complex, and brittle”.

That’s why we’re so psyched about Rivery’s new integration with Firebolt – giving you a no-compromise data solution that’s easy-to-use and powerful and reliable.


Why Firebolt?

Firebolt was created by a team with extensive experience in analytics, with the goal of creating an ideal database for any analytic solution. It starts with storing table data in a proprietary file format that leverages cloud storage and is optimized for fast reads. The platform additionally leverages a user-selected primary index to provide pruning at query time which limits the amount of data scanned by each query. On top of that foundation, Firebolt offers the flexibility to choose the compute engine that fits your workloads. 

The result is a cloud data platform that offers sub-second query performance across terabyte-scale datasets with a simple pay-as-you-go model.


Why Rivery?

Rivery’s unified solution for ELT and Workflow Orchestration has always been about doing more with less. Our no-code interface supports even the most complex data challenges – letting you build a production ready, scalable ETL solution in literally a few hours. 

If you need to do something really complicated (like machine learning) you can even run your own Python code, and utilize our industry-first Pandas DataFrames that work as a native source or target in your ELT workflows (how cool is that!) 


Better Together 

Rivery now supports Firebolt as a target data warehouse for loading data into Firebolt tables. This makes it easy for organizations that want to leverage the speed of Firebolt to load data from a wide variety of sources. Both solutions are offered as cloud-based services, making it quick to deploy and easy to manage your data pipeline from end-to-end. 

The ability for Rivery users to specify primary indexes when populating data into Firebolt tables is a powerful feature. The combined solution makes it simple to collect data from a wide variety of sources into Firebolt’s high-performance data warehouse in order to understand what is happening in your organization and make better decisions.


Rivery & Firebolt Use Case

Consider the case of a gaming company using multiple Postgres instances to store terabytes of game data. They wanted a holistic view of historical data for an internal dashboard to track key measures over time. Historically, they could only load the Postgres data into Firebolt once a day due to the restraints of their existing data stack.

With Rivery they can extract the data from all the operational databases at whatever frequency makes the most sense. Rivery’s CDC capabilities quickly allow it to identify the new rows in order to optimize the volume of data handled with each run. Rivery then allows the data to be transformed as required to provide a performant data model once the data is loaded into the data warehouse. 

Once the data is ready to be loaded into Firebolt, Rivery offers the flexibility to load large fact tables using append-only while smaller dimension tables can be updated via their innovative upsert function. Additionally, Rivery makes it easy to define a primary index for all fact tables based on the fields that will be used to filter the data most often.

Once the data is in Firebolt tables, decision makers from all over the business can run analytic queries leveraging engines sized specifically for each workload. The fact that the tables are tuned for the most important fields means that those queries will complete within a couple of seconds. This speed of response gives the users the power to keep asking more questions to drill to find answers in the data that would otherwise go unseen.



For those who have seen the power of the Firebolt platform, Rivery offers a quick to deploy and easy to manage solution for getting data into your data warehouse. With the native connector you can easily pull in data from any of hundreds of sources directly into your Firebolt instance. And even better, you can try it with a two-week free trial that makes it painless to get started.

We’re also excited about working together with Firebolt because we share a common passion for truly partnering with our customers. This means a deep understanding of customer’s data challenges and a holistic view on solutions – we even have a joint slack channel to discuss solutions for joint customers!

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