Aviv Noy

Rivery supports dozens of the most popular data sources to aggregate and consolidate data, but sometimes businesses need to pull data from third-party platforms that might not be supported yet.

However, we’re always expanding our list of integrations supported so you can orchestrate all their data seamlessly.

If we’re not currently support data integration for one of the platform your business uses, we’ve developed two alternatives to make it happen fast: 

Submit a request to add a new data source to Rivery

If you need to connect data from a platform which isn’t currently supported by Rivery, you should get in touch with our team.

Since we’re constantly growing our list of data source integrations, we try to prioritize those with higher demand from our users.

Our in-house development team is able to create bespoke integrations within a timeframe of two weeks, so let us know if there’s a data source you’d like us to work on. Recent data integrations such as Twitter Ads and Jira – two of our most recent integrations which were added by popular demand from Rivery users.

Use our Custom API to integrate any source of data

There are some instances in which our customers need to create a bespoke API to be able to include a new source of data to their Rivery account.

This is why we have introduced ‘Custom APIs’ – a new feature designed to break down any barriers between our customers and their data.

With Custom APIs, anyone can add a new source of data to their insights stack and we’ve simplified the process to do this:

  • Get the API details from your new data source (such as the address, authentications, request parameters) – they should be available on their site’s support or documentation section.
  • Configure the API on Rivery – go to ‘Actions’ tab and put your API details
  • Now that you have an action, you can simply load this data to your cloud database!

We’re always expanding our repertoire of data integrations so get in touch so we can help you enjoy limitless sources of data and ensure all your business insights sit under one roof with Rivery.

Also, if you need help to add a Custom API to your data stack, get in touch with us and one of our product consultants will help you.