Itamar Ben Hemo
JUN 18, 2017
5 min read
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I’m proud to introduce Rivery, a new solution designed to help businesses take control of their data.

As companies become increasingly more data-driven, there’s a growing amount of sources from which companies gather critical information about their customers’ behavior, their marketing performance, and the ongoing optimization and improvement of their many operations – all of which are measured, tracked and processed on different platforms.

Data Overload

One of the challenges businesses face is the ability to aggregate and integrate all their data sources into a single destination which is accessible, reliable and always up to date.

Solving this problem is by no means impossible, but it traditionally required a significant amount of time and resource – where, in a typical SMB, a development team had to spend 3-6 months creating a bespoke solution that would fit an organization’s data sources.

Aggregate and integrate all data sources into a single destination which is accessible, reliable and always up to date

Besides the time and money needed to make it happen (as businesses add, remove, and change data sources) it generates a big headache that requires more time and resource.

This type of project might seem small from the outset, yet often leading to a never-ending quest to consolidate all data into a single source of business intelligence.

After all, what everyone organization needs is to get the relevant data to the relevant person at the right time – an essential tool for any business to get insights – there’s no reason why data management shouldn’t be their core focus or competency.

Plug & Play with your data

Rivery’s purpose is to remove the time, pain and cost out of the equation, with a system that lets companies integrate all their data sources into a single data platform in the cloud.

Our team of BI and Data experts has created an intuitive platform which directly connects to all your data sources – turning a big and expensive pain that takes months to develop in-house into a tool that will be up and running within minutes.

This consolidated data platform is ready for every team in one place, updated as frequently as it’s needed, normalized, and ready for insights.


Your Data Sources

Data comes in different shapes and forms, which is why it can be hard to aggregate insights from different sources since you can’t really compare apples to pears.

That’s what makes Rivery so powerful – our platform aggregates and normalizes data, synchronizing all the data points coming from diverse sources.

Rivery currently covers most major data sources across analytics, advertising, CRM, storage, RDBMs and even organizational tools such as emails.

In addition, we’re constantly growing the number of data sources supported by Rivery – if we don’t support one of your current data sources, our team can add it within days.


Take Control of Your Data

Most companies use only a fraction of the data they collect and store.

One of the reasons for the lack of data visibility that leads to poor business insights is the lack of consolidation. Since there are so many sources of insights, some are prioritized, other forgotten or used on a very superficial level.

most companies use only a fraction of the data they collect and store

Today’s C-level executives are increasingly weary of this situation and often have to compromise either on resource or data quality.

What’s more, the team of business analysts distilling the insights from those databases face increasing pressure to provide more comprehensive insights faster than ever before.

It is within the realms of C-level executives that demand the best and most comprehensive data to empower their teams with full access that will equip them with all the intelligence needed to unveil the required insights and analysis that will steer the course of an organization.

Data will only get bigger.

Experts predict a 4,300 percent increase in annual data production by 2020. We understand that the value of your insights is only as good as the value and quality of your data.

That’s why if you’re considering scaling your efforts, before the challenge gets bigger and the snowball gets unmanageable Rivery is here to help.

If you have any questions or would like to see the magic in action, get in touch!

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