Itamar Ben Hemo
MAR 27, 2019
5 min read
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A robust data platform is critical to enable a data-driven culture at any organization.

For most companies, their business data is scattered across multiple of sources, which makes it a struggle to gather insight, make sense of it, and draw valuable conclusions.

There are a variety of tools that automate this process and make it easier to gather the insights needed to make smarter business decisions.

A data platform needs a data pipeline tool that consolidates your data sources, a warehouse to store it, and a front-end visualization tool to help you quickly make sense of it and take action.

Rivery, Snowflake, and Tableau can be used as the perfect recipe to transform business data process.

Rivery allows you to select and consolidate specific data that is relevant to your KPIs. Snowflake’s speed and elasticity makes it easy to manage data that can then be presented in Tableau for easy reporting and visualization.

With fast go to market, these three platforms will deliver value very quickly. By implementing them into your data platform, you’ll enjoy a new flow that allows you and your team to find business critical insights faster than ever.

The full version of this article post was originally published by Keyrus, you can read the full article on this link.

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