Kevin Bartley
JUN 3, 2021
5 min read
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Why Enterprise Data Projects Fail - Rivery Webinar

Here’s a startling fact: 85% of big data projects fail. And, at the enterprise level, the failure rate is even higher. Persistent challenges such as data access, data quality, lack of talent, process breakdowns, and scalability can derail enterprise data projects before they yield any meaningful insights.

Enterprise data projects are too big to fail, but have a slim margin for error. To deliver consistent project ROI, enterprise companies must combine technology, personnel, and practices into a company-wide data framework. And now, Rivery is partnering with our customers in a new webinar to show you how.

Join us for our latest webinar – Why Enterprise Data Projects Fail – to learn how companies can overcome the common pitfalls of enterprise data projects, and turn these challenges into opportunities with the right data framework.


What You’ll Learn

In the webinar, data experts that have broad experience helping large, global companies with data management will explain what makes a successful enterprise data project, including how to:

  • Access growing, cross-platform data sources with speed & scalability
  • Clean, prepare, and classify large volumes of data for BI insights & data science
  • Develop alerting systems that separate noise from real issues
  • Build the ideal data team – essential roles & skill sets
  • Educate stakeholders – teach executives, sales, & marketing to comprehend data
  • Leverage DataOps – incorporate agile and DevOps into data operation

And much more!


Who’s Speaking?

Naomi Miller – Head of Data Engineering, ZX Ventures

Yariv Zur – Head of Product, Anodot

Benjamin Flammang – Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Rivery


We Hope to See You There!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to take your enterprise data projects to the next level. Register for the webinar now!

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