Aviv Noy
JAN 2, 2018
5 min read
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Mobile app insights are the bread and butter for many businesses, who need to constantly monitor the performance of their apps.

Install data, which includes metrics such as the number of downloads, the devices in which they were installed, geographical location or type of device are an essential tool for any company that develops mobile applications.

As we continue helping businesses unify and streamline the way they manage all their insights in the cloud, we’ve now added new Rivery integrations for App Store and Google Play data.

This helps companies include these sources of invaluable information into their data systems through Rivery – and help them integrate them instantly alongside all their other data sources, which will enable this to benchmark, analyze and process their mobile app insights alongside all their other business metrics and KPIs.


Google Play Insights

With Google Play, besides the install data (installs, country breakdown, date, OS version) you’ll have access to a wide range of data such as estimated sales, earnings, crashes, ratings and subscribers.

When loaded to Rivery you can swiftly include it in your business dashboards or combine it with other business data such as marketing or financial data in order to be able to assess your app performance.

App Store Insights

With Rivery’s iTunes API, you’ll be able to integrate the most essential App Store data into your business insights.

This includes all the sales reports and trends on your mobile apps – with all the install data, broken down by version, country, developer, date and device.

You can simply connect our brand new API to your Rivery account and immediately access all this wealth of data, readily available for further analysis or visualization.

These new integration was developed as a result of the need from our customers to access their apps’ insights via Rivery. If there are any additional sources of data you’d like us to take into consideration for upcoming integrations, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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