Daniel Buchuk
DEC 4, 2020
5 min read
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Finding the right ELT platform and performing a cloud migration are often complicated tasks. But with our new easy-to-use checklists, teams can reduce these big projects to checking a few boxes.

ELT Checklist: Key Features and Simple Checklist for a No-Hassle Cloud Migration are both designed for busy teams that just need to get the job done, and fast.

Here’s a look at what both checklists have to offer.

ELT Checklist: Key Features

Choosing an ELT platform is a time- and resource-intensive task. But ELT Checklist: Key Features simplifies the process by outlining the most important features teams need to look for.

Discover all the key ELT features, broken into several top-level categories, including:

  • Full Data Orchestration
  • Fully-Managed Solution
  • Connects to Any Data Source Easily
  • Robust Data Transformation Layer
  • Comprehensive On-Boarding and Support
  • Consumption-Based Pricing

Download ELT Checklist: Key Features to guide your team through the platform selection process!

Simple Checklist for a No-Hassle Cloud Migration

Cloud migrations are often seen as complex projects. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our Simple Checklist for a No-Hassle Cloud Migration outlines the steps teams can take to make the project painless.

The checklist is focused on three parts:

  • Pre-Migration: Choose a Solution
  • Migration: Best Practices
  • Post-Migration: Data Model Conversion

Download Simple Checklist for a No-Hassle Cloud Migration for a quicker and smoother migration.

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