Kevin Bartley
APR 29, 2019
5 min read
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Amplitude is a product-driven analytics platform helping startups create better products.

Their solutions help companies set the right product strategy, improve user engagement, optimize conversion, and drive retention. Over twenty thousand companies around the world use Amplitude.

As product and marketing become more and more connected, the data they rely upon becomes increasingly crucial for a business to succeed.

User behavior, retention, and growth are at the forefront of any startup who need the best insights to understand where the business opportunities and threats lie.

We’re excited that Rivery now supports Amplitude analytics. The company tracks 7 trillion user actions every year to help digital product and growth teams in over 180 countries.

With an increasing demand for marketing analytics solutions that help businesses make the most of their user data, we’re happy to facilitate the creation of a serverless data pipeline with Rivery.

Last month we added Moat Analytics to our growing list of enterprise data integration sources, followed by Amplitude this month.

If there are other analytics platforms your business relies upon let us know! We’re always adding new tools and would love to find out which other analytics platform your business uses to get the best product & marketing insights.

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