Itamar Ben Hemo
AUG 28, 2017
5 min read
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The world of data and business insights keeps expanding and evolving, and yet business analysts and CIOs still have to go through the pain of multiple manual processes that can (and should!) be automated.

With this in mind, we designed Rivery ACTIONS – a new way for companies to take their data systems to the next level and activate their data by creating actions based on bespoke rules.

There are infinite applications of this feature – in essence what we’re doing is enabling customers to apply business logic to data sources through Rivery.

This simplifies any business intel process and saves time, effort and resources. This will empower any system to act upon any required business logic automatically.


How can I make the most of Rivery ACTIONS?

The use cases are virtually endless as we’re enabling our users to customize the way in which data behaves. However, there are some main use cases in which ACTIONS can help you manage your data more efficiently:


Automating Campaign Management:

Marketing teams and agencies use Rivery to aggregate and manage their online advertising campaign insights.

While online advertising giants such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn give brands the ability to micro-manage their digital spend in real-time, it can be hard to react fast enough to campaign performance – especially when managing multiple campaigns running around the clock.

With Rivery ACTIONS, you can automatically start, stop, pause or change campaigns automatically based on their results.

You just set up the rules and stop wasting money if something isn’t working. No need to wait days, weeks or months until someone else collects campaign data to be able to act!


Generating Data Reports:

Insight reports and evaluations are essential for companies to monitor what’s going well and what isn’t. Whether these reports are generated weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually – most insights teams are tasked with creating updates for stakeholders to assess the health of a business and help determine its future strategy.

The process of collating, aggregating or processing data to produce these insights can be a tedious manual task that could be easily automated with Rivery ACTIONS. You simply create the rules and orchestrate the data to deliver the insights you need.


Setting up business alerts:

Data-driven companies are on a constant quest to mine business opportunities and threats from their data.

This means that they need to be on constant alert to spot fluctuations in their data, not to miss out on opportunities or uncover issues when is too late to react. Creating notifications or updates is a great way to make the most of Rivery ACTIONS.

For example, if you want to set an alert when a key customer contacts you via your customer support platform, you can use ACTIONS to create an alert for the relevant people or teams via email or Slack notifications.

It can be hard to cut through the noise so you can now create automatic notifications and alerts for everyone relevant to be notified when there’s a specific ‘event’ or change in your data.


Creating Data Triggers:

When ‘this’ then ‘that’. It’s as simple as that to be able to put your data to action.

Since you can manage all your data sources with Rivery, now you’re also able to make them work in harmony, creating specific actions based on data results – whether it is to stop running a marketing campaign or sending a routine email once weekly insights arrive.

The ability to establish triggers and leveraging all your data sources under one roof is a game changer.

These are just some of the ways in which you can use RIVERY actions. We’re constantly improving our platform and adding new features so would love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas – get in touch!

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