Alex Nelson
OCT 1, 2020
5 min read
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An exciting day to celebrate at Rivery!

G2’s Fall 2020 Report has named Rivery #1 for Highest Quality of Support and Easiest To Do Business With in the ETL Tools category. In addition, Rivery was also recognized again as a High Performer in the space based on customer satisfaction ratings.

While we constantly strive to provide users with the highest performance platform and the best engineering-lead support team, it’s always nice to receive industry recognition. This is especially true with regards to G2 reports as they’re determined by user reviews.

G2 leverages over one million validated user reviews to help professionals make better software purchasing decisions. More than 700K+ people visit G2’s site each month to assess products and evaluate detailed insights from customers.

At Rivery, customer and user success is what keeps us motivated to continually expand and improve our suite of fully managed solutions.

Nothing makes us happier than receiving dozens of emails from delighted customers who are often surprised at the level of support they receive from our all-star team when joining Rivery.

Moreover, it’s rewarding to see Rivery’s impact recognized by an array of professionals in various industries around the globe, including marketers, developers, and BI managers.


Here are a few recent G2 reviews from our amazing customers:

“Rivery is an amazing ELT tool! Have used it with many clients. Sleek and intuitive user interface where I can track my data pipelines with ease. Seamlessly created a Rivery trial account using the Snowflake partner connect. We were able to pull in data from google analytics within minutes.”

“Fully managed ETL tool with robust transformation. Smaller company with a spectacular support team. They integrated uncommon sources for us expeditiously. Loved the ability to orchestrate data ingestion from the transformation layer. We were looking at Matillion but didn’t like the UI and that it wasn’t fully managed in the cloud, nor did we like Fivetran’s pricing structure.

“Rivery’s aggregation of our data sources enabled my analytics team to improve budgeting for different business functions and our marketing attribution model. By combining sources like GA, SalesForce, and AppFlyer, we were able to construct a more accurate customer touch point journey, consequently improving ROI.”

Thanks to all our data-driven customers for their ongoing support and for leaving such valuable feedback on G2.

Learn more about what real users have to say about Rivery or leave your own review on G2’s Rivery Reviews page.

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