Daniel Buchuk
MAY 20, 2021
5 min read
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Rivery Kits offer pre-built data models for some of the most popular use cases our customers encounter. With Kits, customers are one click away from adding preconfigured data models to your existing data pipelines.

Kits create immediate time-to-value and save data teams countless hours of engineering work. Also, Kits consolidate  try-and-tested ‘recipes’ for data models that have been created by top data engineers in the industry. 

We started creating Kits for data models that our customers often need. Through a growing repository of Kits, Rivery enables our customers to implement data models based on the unique competitive insights we’ve gained by serving hundreds of customers, incorporated with industry best practices.

Kits are available for all the main cloud data warehouses. Here are 5 ready-made kits for Snowflake users that will help you supercharge your performance.

1. Marketing Analytics for B2C

The Marketing Analytics B2C Kit combines Ad Performance data from Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Snapchat Ads into one consolidated data model, centralized in Snowflake. This enables standardized, cross-channel advertisement analysis and performance tracking.

2. Facebook Ads Performance & Insights

The Facebook Ads Kit combines data from multiple entities in the Facebook Ads Marketing API and provides a full data model in Snowflake for tracking paid Facebook performance and insight analysis.

3. Google Analytics Report

The Google Analytics Kit recreates the standard Google Analytics report. The Kit breaks down the data into four reports: by Users, Pages, Events, and Sessions. Users gain easy access to digestible information within Google Analytics. 

4. Netsuite Income Statement

The Netsuite Income Statement Kit combines data from 10 popular Netsuite ODBC reporting entities and outputs into a table representing a generic income statement for your organization. Due to the nature of the Netsuite source, this Kit is intended to be a starting point for more customized report creation and specific reporting.

5. Twitter Promoted Tweets

Twitter Promoted Tweets uses the Twitter Stats report as a base table and adds in the appropriate Entity Tables. Each template will have the tweet information and associated metrics: number of clicks, impressions, spend, video_views, conversion values, purchases, replies, retweets, follows, likes, and engagement by date.

On the Horizon: Stay Tuned for More Snowflake Kits!

This is our initial offering of Snowflake Kits. More are on the way! We’d also love to hear from you on this topic. As we expand the Kits available on the Kit Hub, we will prioritize those with highest demand from our customers. Check out our other Kits, and learn more about the benefits of deploying them, on our dedicated Kits page

And make sure to join us on Wednesday, May 19th at 10am ET/5pm Israel for a special Kits webinar! Watch Rivery’s Vardit Jonasz, VP Product, and Taylor McGrath, Head of Customer Solutions, as they demonstrate how to deploy these pre-built data models for popular use cases.

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