Alex Nelson
DEC 3, 2020
5 min read
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This week, CRN chose Rivery as one of the 10 Coolest Big Data Startups of 2020. Surprisingly enough, earlier this year that same publication selected Rivery as the hottest big data startups of 2020. While we are concerned about CRN’s thermostat and drastic temperature changes, we are grateful for the inclusion on this list.


We are not only excited to be featured on CRN’s list, but also happy to be in great company alongside other innovative businesses and inspiring teams. These companies are really pushing the needle with technologies on how everyone manages and improves data processes.


A great example is Okera, and their platform to automatically discover and tag sensitive data, develop and enforce data governance policies, and audit data security and governance operations. These types of challenges are becoming more and more prominent, and the companies in this list are certainly the ones to watch!


This list is also a reminder that innovation is, and will continue to be the driving force of the data industry. No matter how established the key players are, there is always room for disruptors and innovators with a vision and ambition to change the game.


For example NY-based Cockroach Labs, another company included in CRN’s list is quickly gaining traction. They launched Cockroach Cloud and CockroachDB, a distributed relational database system designed to support next-generation, cloud-native transactional applications.


Businesses all over the world are struggling to manage increasingly large volumes of data, which is also expanding in variety. Of course, data doesn’t only have to be controlled or “managed”.


The ultimate goal for organizations is to leverage this data to extract meaningful insights to inform their decision-making process. This is at the heart of the booming demand for big data tools, data management platforms, and analytics solutions.


So, thank you CRN for adding us to this amazing list of emerging disruptive companies and technologies. We are honored and excited to be in such good company. Whether we’re the hottest or the coolest.

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