Daniel Buchuk
FEB 16, 2022
5 min read
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Working out the economics of each element within a data stack can be tricky. Most modern data stacks rely upon numerous tools and platforms – each with its own pricing model. This is why, at Rivery, we took a bold approach to enable anyone to test Rivery with no minimum commitments on usage volume and annual contracts. 

Our Pay-As-You-Go launch complements our recently launched Self-Service plan, which opens the door to any type of company that would like to dive into Rivery right away, and experience the value instantly. Of course, for larger data teams, there are scale-up alternatives that unlock significant savings when running thousands of executions weekly across dozens or even hundreds of data pipelines. 


Pricing “Watchouts” when Building your Data Stack

I had the opportunity to chat with Daniel Greenberg, who is currently leading sales for Rivery customers in the United States. Being one of the first Rivery employees, Daniel has spoken to hundreds of customers and prospects, so I took this opportunity to share how Rivery pricing is structured, as well as some of the red flags that data teams should look out for when it comes to pricing and building your own data stack. Some of these include:

1. TCO (Total Cost of Ownership): Look out for the TCO as infrastructure management fees aren’t uncommon in the industry and they can add huge additional costs (on top of usage costs).

2. Understand consumption metrics: While many data tools charge based on consumption, the final cost can be wildly different based on how exactly the consumption is calculated. 

3. Per User Charges: Some tools incur additional costs based on the number of users/seats. This approach often prevents data teams from sharing access to essential tools that could help organizations become more data driven.


What Type of Team could Benefit from Rivery’s Pay-As-You-Go Offering?

Pay-As-You-Go gives anyone the opportunity to try Rivery without long-term commitments. In addition, our Self-Service offering means that you can get started right away. As Daniel highlights in the video interview, Pay-As-You-Go can be particularly useful for teams that face challenges, such as:

  • A small team at the beginning of their data journey that would like to start analyzing mission-critical data to kickstart their BI operations.
  • Companies that process lower quantities of data and don’t need many pipelines or frequent executions.
  • Organizations that want to test the waters and try Rivery before committing to an annual plan.

Special Offer: Try Rivery this February as part of our “Love Your Data Stack” Promotion! When you sign up to create a free Rivery account, you will get $1,500 worth of Rivery usage credits and a complimentary session with a Rivery Solutions Engineer to help you with your specific needs.

*This offer is exclusively for new users and the promotion will end on February 24th, 2022.

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