Ophir Prusak
MAY 6, 2022
5 min read
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Updated Nov 2022.

From day one, Rivery has strived to provide simple & predictable pricing, based solely on the value we provide to data-driven companies of all sizes.

As the needs of our community of users have grown, we’ve seen a significant increase in data usage and team adoption within companies. For example, we’re seeing a huge increase in customers who sync data from their Database sources to their data warehouses.

We realized that the number of databases or tables you’re loading into your data warehouse shouldn’t matter, nor should the number of rows or sync frequency. Your data warehouse should always have the latest data from all your databases and tables.

With that in mind, we’re totally changing how we charge for database sources, providing an industry-first, purely value-based pricing model:

All database sources are now charged for the amount of data transferred in bytes – nothing else!

Some solutions charge by rows, but that doesn’t make sense. It penalizes usage of small rows (with few columns) and makes it really hard to predict costs. Charging by amount of data transferred aligns your costs with value and your actual usage.

Also, our new pricing means you can now sync as often as you like – it doesn’t matter if you’re loading data from one table or one million tables – it doesn’t matter if you’re syncing once a day or every five minutes – pay only for the amount of data you’re loading into your data warehouse!

For example:

If you transferred a total 12,749MB of data from a database to your data warehouse, it will cost you 127.49 RPUs, regardless of how many tables used or River executions occurred.

This also means that you’ll be charged zero for River executions that don’t transfer any data.

Please note:

  • We are also applying the same pricing model to file and Webhook based sources.
  • The underlying cost per RPU is the same as before (100MB of data transferred = 1 RPU) so costs are lower with the new pricing calculation.
  • To learn more about RPUs, please visit our pricing page.

High Frequency API Sync Option

For customers who need to pull data from API data sources at a high frequency (up to every five minutes), Rivery has a solution specifically for you. With our “High Sync Frequency” add-on, customers can sync from API sources and pay only for data transferred, the same as with our database sources. Contact us for more details.

Unlimited Users on All Rivery plans!

Managing data is a team effort. All Rivery pricing plans now include unlimited users, so go ahead and invite your co-workers or anyone else you want to share the data love with 🙂

More Pricing Plan Flexibility 

Both Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and Annual pricing are now available for all plans. This means Starter plan customers can now benefit from the extra savings of an annual commitment, and going forward, Professional plan customers can choose the flexibility of on-demand pricing with no annual commitment.

Which Plan is Right for Me?

Choosing the right plan is simpler than ever, especially with the addition of Pay-as-you-go pricing for our Professional Plan, offering zero commitment to try all of Rivery’s product capabilities. Here are the main differences between the plans to help you understand which one is the most suitable for your team.

Starter Plan

This plan was created for smaller businesses that rely on smaller amounts of data. While this used to be available solely with Pay-as-you-go pricing, customers can now benefit from annual discounts.

For teams that need the basic ETL functionality, this is a great way to try Rivery. You can orchestrate your workflows and now all plans can enjoy unlimited users without restriction. For Pay-as-you-go customers, the flexible pricing on this plan will be $0.75 per RPU Credit.

Professional Plan

The professional plan is perfect for fast-growing organizations that need more advanced transformation capabilities, and for teams that often handle larger data sets across numerous data pipelines and workflows. 

Due to a higher demand for features in this plan, which have only been previously available through annual billing, we’re enabling everyone to take advantage of all this package’s features with Pay-as-you-go pricing. ($1.20 per RPU Credit).

Enterprise Plan

This package is designed for advanced data teams that handle large data loads, migrations, and require unlimited users, environments, and workspaces. In addition, this package is for organizations that require strict security protocols with options like, SSO and VPN. 

What’s more, since large organizations often require the development of new API connectors, Enterprise customers can request “built-for-you” connectors in addition to gaining access  to a dedicated team of solutions engineers to set up and onboard their data ecosystem.

Try our calculator to estimate your monthly cost

We understand how frustrating it can be not knowing how much a new SaaS platform will cost you. This is why we created a simple cost calculator to estimate the monthly cost of Rivery based on your needs. 

By taking into account how many API endpoints your business needs to integrate and the volume (GB) of your database sources monthly sync, you can instantly see an accurate estimation of the cost of Rivery for your organization.

Of course, you’ll also be able to compare the cost difference between Starter and Professional Plans, and what the discounted rate would be when choosing annual billing.

Try Rivery for free!

One of the elements that remains unchanged, is the fact that any data team can still try Rivery for free. Simply sign up and experience a better way to orchestrate your data and manage your ETL process in the most efficient way. 

If you would like to see the platform in action, you can also join one of our Wednesday webinars where you’ll get a chance to see how to get the most value out of Rivery, understand how data-led companies are doing more with less, and ask questions live to our team of solutions engineers.

What’s next? 

These changes mark the next step forward in Rivery’s mission to provide simple & predictable pricing based solely on the value we provide. We’ll continue to listen to our growing community of users with more exciting updates to come.

To learn more about our plans and see how much you can save with Rivery’s new pricing calculator, please visit our pricing page.

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