Ujjwal Tamhankar
AUG 18, 2020
5 min read
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Rivery is dedicated to bringing our customers the most powerful data in the fastest possible way.

Today, with the introduction of Rivery Webhooks, we’re taking that commitment to the next level.

Rivery Webhooks empowers teams to harness the most granular data, in real-time, by using webhooks as a data source. From e-commerce, to mobile apps, to agencies, Rivery customers implement webhooks for a broad range of use cases.

Here’s an overview of the feature, how webhooks makes teams more competitive, and key use cases for companies of all backgrounds.


Quick Context: What Are Webhooks?

In order to receive data in real-time, a traditional API must poll for data constantly. Webhooks, on the other hand, enable applications to provide real-time data to other applications based on triggered events.

When an event occurs in an app – such as registering an account or purchasing an item – a webhook can immediately push this data to other apps via HTTP callbacks. This allows teams, applications, data models, and other parties to react to these events in real-time.


Rivery Webhooks: Harness Any Webhook in Rivery to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data

In Rivery, webhooks operate like any other data source. To facilitate webhooks, Rivery provides an endpoint that streams webhooks data. Customers utilize this endpoint by sending HTTP requests to it via the POST method.

While setting up a webhook data source, all Rivery customers need to do is provide example JSON mapping for the data. Auto-mapping will take care of the rest.

Once a webhook data source is activated, Rivery sends webhook events directly to a customer’s cloud data warehouse as they happen. Customers can push events one by one, or transfer records in bulk by sending an array.

Webhooks benefit Rivery customers in a variety of ways.

The granular detail of webhook events, coupled with the instant accessibility, enables teams and data operations to react in real-time with the best possible data. Customers can also use this granularity to develop more powerful data models.

With Rivery Webhooks, customers can combine events data with other data sources inside a cloud data warehouse to generate unique insights.

Additionally, the feature serves as a comprehensive archive for all events that occur within an app. This is especially important for webhooks that do not permanently store events.


How Our Customers Are Using Rivery Webhooks

E-commerce – Shopify

Automate followup emails to buyer after purchase

In Rivery, e-commerce customers can configure a Shopify webhook to execute a process after a specific event.

For example, when an order is placed, the webhook can trigger an email send to the buyer featuring product documentation or related items. Receiving automated updates from webhooks allows e-commerce companies to react to, and interact with, buyers in real-time.


Mobile App – Vero

Optimize mobile app UI to improve reach, interactions, and revenue

By using Vero’s webhook as a data source, Rivery customers can log user interactions within mobile apps as they happen.

Customers can track clicks, time viewed, active screen areas, advertisement interactions, amount spent, or features utilized, and upload the events to cloud data warehouses in real-time.

From there, with the help of statistical analysis and data science, customers can optimize their UI to accomplish their objectives, whether it be increased reach, customer interaction, or revenue growth.


SaaS B2B – Hubspot

Enable marketing/sales to strike as soon as opportunities arise

Hubspot’s webhook integration with Rivery allows our customers to link CRM events, deals, new contacts, keywords in tracked email correspondence, and more.

Appropriate sales/marketing team members are notified via Slack, email, or text message when an opportunity emerges. Customers not only eliminate grunt work, but to pitch prospects at the perfect moment with all the right data.


Agencies – Instagram

Enhance social data to produce more powerful insights for clients

Agencies frequently juggle a high volume of clients, and maintaining the minutiae of each social account is difficult.

On Instagram, live notifications are generated for a variety of events. But notifications for comments on albums do not include an Album ID, an important component for real-time analysis.

To solve this, agencies can set up a webhook in Rivery to provide live notifications for comments.

The comment IDs can be stored in a variable in Rivery and passed into a subsequent data pull to fetch the corresponding Album IDs from Instagram’s API. This automates the entire process.

Read our Community article for an in-depth, technical overview of how to set up Rivery Webhooks.


Take Your Data Operations to the Next Level with Rivery Webhooks

Rivery is designed to offer our customers the best data, when and how they need it. Rivery Webhooks takes this ethos to the next level.

With webhooks support, Rivery enables teams to unlock a new degree of granularity and instaneity in their data operations, giving them a competitive advantage in a fast-moving market.

Try the feature today, and let us know what you think!

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