Or Hasson
APR 2, 2019
5 min read
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Salesforce is best known for its on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

Their cloud-based, CRM applications for sales, service, and marketing don’t require IT experts to set up or manage. Their users can easily log, manage, and analyze all customer activity in one place with their suite of web-based CRM software.

For many companies using Rivery, Saleforce integration is essential for them to pull all the data on their opportunities, leads and prospects. Users can aggregate it, combine it with other business data, and get fresh business insights on the performance of their sales pipeline.

At Rivery, it’s a priority for us to ensure that our off-the-shelf data integrations are always up to date and in tune with the latest iterations of leading third party platforms such as Salesforce or Facebook (which also underwent major changes over the past year).

This is why we’ve updated Salesforce to ensure Rivery is compatible with its latest API version (Salesforce Version 45 in case you wonder!)


Updated Salesforce API integration Loads Data 4 Times Faster With Rivery

This new version can bring entities which the old API couldn’t such as ‘Campaign Influence’ and many more features associated with the latest Salesforce update.

What’s more, the speed to pull data has been improved drastically. The entire process of pulling data now 4 times faster than the previous version. This is possible partly as a result of the auto-mapping on Rivery being much faster since the new API queries the metadata directly.

If you haven’t updated your Salesforce to the latest version and still want to use the old version with Rivery you don’t need to worry.

You can still use the previous version as the legacy Salesforce API Integration until your team has the time to update the platform and all the rivers associated with it to the new version – so you don’t need to rush as we won’t be shutting down previous integration!

Minimize the firefighting.
Maximize ROI on pipelines.

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