Daniel Buchuk
OCT 15, 2020
5 min read
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As the subject of data literacy takes center stage across organizations worldwide, we wonder: what’s the right place and time to give upcoming generations the data skills they’ll need to thrive?


Equipping our teams and our children with knowledge on how to read and interpret data might be the most profitable and impactful investment of our lives. This new article in Forbes, authored by Rivery’s CEO, explores the subject of data literacy.


From the importance of employees across all levels and business functions to be able to read data, to some of the steps taken by the world’s biggest organizations to educate their staff on data & analytics through initiatives including in-house academies and courses, the drive to form a data literate workforce has never been stronger.


When it comes to the question of whose responsibility is it to teach data literacy, the jury is out. On one hand, it’s in the best interest of organizations that have sufficient funding to invest in data literacy through staff training. On the other hand, what happens for the ‘unlucky’ who aren’t able to receive such training from their employer?


What’s more, data literacy is just as important outside the office – to make better life decisions in which everyone can analyze data for subjects such as personal finances, pensions, or insurance.


Read the full Forbes article to learn more about Why Data Literacy Should Be Taught in High Schools

At Rivery, we want to ensure that our customers, partners and friends have access to the best data education and insights.

As part of our commitment to help with data literacy, this month we decided to sponsor the DATAcated Conference on October 27th, which everyone can join for free!

The 4-hour session on LinkedIn Live will have 4 tracks that cover a large spectrum of topics including Data Governance, Data Literacy & Visualization, Data Strategy, and Data Careers.

There is no better way to invest a morning. Plus since the tracks won’t happen simultaneously, you don’t have to miss a thing!

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