Kevin Bartley
SEP 23, 2021
5 min read
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Rivery’s latest eBook – The Developer’s Reference Guide to Marketing APIs – is the ultimate playbook for implementing marketing APIs, and benchmarking developer resource investment. One neat component of the Reference Guide is that it leverages anonymized, aggregated data from hundreds of Rivery customers to benchmark how top companies are using these marketing APIs.

The following excerpt from the eBook reveals most popular marketing APIs and reports — based on the number of Rivery customers using each entity — and analyzes the findings in the broader context of industry trends.

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Benchmark Report: Most Popular Marketing APIs & Reports


Facebook Ads is the most popular marketing API among our customers, and that comes as no surprise. With 2.7 billion users, and a 3.9% CTR for ads, Facebook remains the premier ad network for B2C and increasingly B2B. In fact, the amount of customers using Facebook Ads is more than double the next closest marketing API, Google Adwords.

As Google currently maintains several marketing API’s, their ranking is skewed by the fact that data must be pulled from many different APIs. But with the AdWords API sunsetting in 2022, the Google Ads API (position three) will absorb many of those AdWords users, and should draw much closer to Facebook’s top spot.

The most interesting entry on this list is Bing, at position four. Bing is the second largest search engine after Google, but only claims 2.71% of the global market share. However, Bing’s average CPC is 70% lower than Google AdWords, and Bing ads reach 63 million users who do not use Google.

The inclusion of LinkedIn Ads, rounding at the list at position five, is expected. As a B2B advertising behemoth, LinkedIn saw its ad reach grow by 25 million people in Q4 2020, when the height of the COVID pandemic and remote work made digital marketing even more essential.

In terms of the most popular reports, Facebook owns the category almost completely, placing with insight_report (position one), fb_social (position two), ads (position three), and campaign (position five). The only other API that claims a top-five report is Google, landing in position four with AD_PERFORMANCE_REPORT in Adwords. Of course, iOS 14.5 could change everything for Facebook. But right now, Facebook APIs are thoroughly dominant in terms of popularity.

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