Kevin Bartley
FEB 25, 2020
5 min read
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Data Science is an ever-changing discipline, one that is constantly evolving to meet the challenges of today’s data landscape.

With such fast-paced changes, data scientists must consult reliable, responsive, and up-to-date resources to stay on top of their game.

Reddit is a fantastic resource for data scientists. By combining industry news, user discussion, content rankings, and diverse subreddits, Reddit fosters an environment that addresses all the facets of data science.

But where should data scientists start on Reddit? Here are the top 8 subreddits for data science.


Top Data Science Subreddits

Data Science – r/datascience

No surprise here – r/datascience is the first subreddit on our list. And for good reason. This subreddit doesn’t just stand out on Reddit. It’s actually one of the most powerful data science resources on the web. Modeling and memes. Experts and novices. Use cases both big and small.

The common denominator, however, is the collective expertise of the 190,000 members, which includes not just data scientists, but also programmers, entrepreneurs, research scientists, and everyone in between. This subreddit is essential reading for those who want to keep up with trends in data science.


Datasets – r/datasets

Most data scientists enter the profession because, on some level, they love data and what it can do. r/datasets offers data scientists a chance to connect with this instinct. The amazing, gigantic, odd, and wonderful datasets that users post in this subreddit are equally useful for both professional and personal pursuits.

Where else can you find UFC fighter data, cryptocurrency exchange data, and data for the human genome all under one roof?


News and Notes on Structured Query Language (SQL) – r/SQL

r/SQL is the go-to subreddit for all things related to SQL. The subreddit offers a mixture of programming tips, implementation advice, and technical announcements, all in the same forum. Threads range from simple questions, to complex, multi-part use cases. And with over 54,000 members, chances are someone knows the answer to your arcane SQL question.


Data Science & Machine Learning Jobs! – r/DataScienceJobs

r/DataScienceJobs is an all-purpose careers subreddit for those in the data science field. The board operates as both a forum for job postings and a sounding board for career advice. The subreddit is extremely helpful for anyone looking for professional opportunities in data science.

Those who are just entering the job market can gain particular insights into the workings of the industry. And who knows – maybe someone posts a job in your area and you somehow get richer because of Reddit!


Statistics – r/statistics

While not every data scientist uses statistics, those who do can take their analysis to the next level. r/statistics is a great resource not just for learning this important branch of mathematics, but also for understanding how to incorporate this knowledge into fields such as data science.

Threads range from the application of real-world use cases, often with a bent toward data science, to theoretical discussions on Frequentist versus Bayesian statistical approaches. There are plenty of ideas to soak in here, whether you’re an absolute beginner or a math wizard.


The Statistical Computing with R Subreddit – r/rstats

If you’re a data scientist, there’s a strong chance you use the R programming language. r/rstats is the best subreddit for data scientists who want to stay plugged into the R language. The community leans heavily on use cases involving data science and computational statistics, so it’s the perfect resource for learning more about this integral programming language.


Data Engineering – r/dataengineering

r/dataengineering is smaller than many of the subreddits on this list, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in impact. With a focus on use cases, both basic and advanced, r/dataengineering surfaces threads that might get drowned out in other subreddits. This close-knit, knowledgeable community provides a fantastic way to receive feedback in a more focused and intensive fashion.


Data Is Beautiful – r/dataisbeautiful

If you’re a data scientist, you already know that data is beautiful. But it doesn’t hurt to be reminded! r/dataisbeautiful captures data in all its aesthetic glory, often in the form of mind blowing visualizations that reorient your perception of the world. Drop in here to witness something amazing, and then apply that inspiration to your own data models.


Data Science is a Profession of Knowledge. Knowledge is the Product of a Community.

For data scientists, there’s nothing more important than cultivating subject matter expertise.

With the way the field constantly changes, those who don’t stay on top of the latest trends will fall behind.

Reddit houses some of the most diverse, specialized data science communities on the web, ones that keep professionals on top of the most important topics in the industry today.

These 8 subreddits are a great place to start. But they’re by no means the only resources out there! Take advantage of Reddit’s massive curated community and discover the subreddits that best suit your data science background.

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