According to Quanthub, 250,000 data science jobs were left open in 2020. But new technologies and workforce reorientation are closing the divide.

Advances in technology, including augmented data management and autoML, are allowing data scientists to refocus on insights and analysis. At the same time, data-savvy employees acting as citizen data scientists are tackling key tasks, so data scientists can concentrate on delivering results.

In this presentation, by Rivery CEO, Itamar Ben Hamo, attendees will learn how to:

  • Combine the right personnel, practices, and technologies to build a top-performing DataOps team.
  • Understand the best team structure, from CDOs, to data engineers, to data stewards, what roles they play, and how under-resourced departments can close skills gaps.
  • Construct the optimal agile cycle, from cross-functional teams, to sprint frameworks, to ensuring timeframes.
  • Discover what makes a superior DataOps toolchain, from data ingestion, to data transformation, to data orchestration.

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