Earlier this month, our partner, Snowflake, hosted their first annual summit in San Francisco. It was an exciting event to connect with data-driven businesses and an amazing opportunity to learn about the latest trends, insights, and products shaping the data management industry.

Christian Kleinerman, VP of Product at Snowflake, gave an inspiring keynote in which he explained in detail how Snowflake’s customer-first culture defines both their technology focus and speed of innovation. Kleinerman dived into the what, why, and how of Snowflake’s innovation roadmap.

We were excited to see our product featured in Snowflake Partner Connect, an important initiative where Snowflake helps customers connect to  partner products such as Rivery, which complement and enhance the Snowflake experience.

Kleinerman highlighted three core values of Snowflake as a business, something which for us at Rivery completely resonated as a shared vision. These are simple, yet fundamental principles which help us and our customers succeed.


Turning data into value

Working relentlessly to help people get the most value out of their data is what we do. Snowflake’s innovation makes the processes around data management shorter, easier, and less expensive. Knowing that the value is on the insights, the mission to remove any obstacles becomes clear.


Spend less time on infrastructure

Ultimately, both at Rivery and Snowflake, we want people to spend less time worrying about data infrastructure and setup. Developers have products to build and data teams should be freed from the chores of data management, so they can focus their energy on gathering, analyzing, and sharing insights with their teams.

We want to help you automate your data pipelines and remove infrastructure setup and maintenance from your ‘to-do’ list, so you can focus instead on getting the most value out of your data.


Our success is tied to your success

Snowflake understands that the easier they make it for people to collect and manage data, the more data-driven they’ll become. More data means better insights and this is something that brings value to the entire ecosystem.

We have the same approach at Rivery, where we understand that cloud-native solutions need to offer flexibility and transparency – empowering customers to run work in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

In Kleinerman’s words: “Our success will always be linked to your success, so we want to see you succeed!”

Watch Snowflake’s highlights from the summit or check out Christian Kleinerman’s full keynote on Snowflake’s newest product innovations.

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