APR 14, 2023

act∙in | successfactors analytics is a “plug and play” analytics accelerator with predefined data models for SAP SucccessFactors that helps HR managers better understand their business and address challenges heads-on for improved company performance. ​Prepacked Analytics on top of SAP SuccessFactors including Employee Central, Learning, Recruitment and Performance & Goals modules.

With this kit you can gain a comprehensive view of your HR processes thanks to 30+ KPIs and metrics. The kit can work also as a starting point to expand your analysis and insights by also joining the information to other modules. 

For a full overview of the benefits of this kit, check out the Clariba Act-In SuccessFactors web page here.

This Kit includes…

Employee Central: Employee master with Personal Data, Job Information, Labor Relations and Compensation Data.

  • 3 Analytical models
  • 13 Measures
  • 66 KPIs
  • 130 attributes

Recruiting: Information regarding job applications, candidates, applications and offers.

  • 3 Analytical models
  • 12 Measures
  • 28 KPIs
  • 20 attributes

Performance & Goals: Information on both company and individual employee goals that will later be evaluated in the Performance Appraisal.

  • 1 Analytical models
  • 9 Measures
  • 20 attributes

Learning Management: Information related to learning and development 

  • 1 Analytical model
  • 8 Measures
  • 20 attributes

Other SuccessFactors Modules: As per customer requirements 

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