About Firebolt

Firebolt improves cloud data warehousing for fast and efficient analytics. The software as a service solution delivers fast query performance as well as combines simplicity, elasticity, and low cost of the cloud with the innovation in analytics.

Companies that utilize Firebolt’s data warehouses deliver multi-terabyte and petabyte-scale for interactive, high-performance analytics, which enables analysts, employees, and customers to analyze larger volumes and improve the ROI of collecting data.

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Data Process Automation

Automate all data processes, from data orchestration to data transformation, in a single platform.

Link Any Data Source

Connect any internal or external data source. 200+ native data connectors and an API on-demand program.

Zero Friction, Quicker Uptime

A no-code, auto-scalable, fully managed platform. No more back-end maintenance or technical grunt work.

Consumption-Based Pricing

Pay only for the data and scale as you grow. Say goodbye to user and connector fees and hello to true flexibility.

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