We’re happy to announce Rivery’s support for Airtable! 

Airtable is bringing the traditional database out of the realm of power users and into the mainstream, creating a new type of flexible but sophisticated productivity tool that anyone can use.

When simple to-do lists don’t cut it and spreadsheets get ugly, Airtable gives end users the ability to create (and share) their own workflows for everything from managing an editorial calendar to planning a major event.


Airtable Content Marketing Pipeline Rivery Integration

Airtable is a flexible database platform built on top of a spreadsheet interface. An increasing number of companies are using the platform for CRM, inventory tracking, task planning, and a number of other core business metrics. 

Rivery and Airtable Data

Rivery customers can now extract, load, and transform their Airtable data directly inside their cloud data warehouses.

If you’re already a Rivery user and would like to aggregate Airtable data to your cloud data warehouse, take a look at our step-by-step Airtable connection article or watch the video below to quickly set up your Airtable connection in Rivery.


How To Connect Airtable in Rivery (Video)


Rivery’s Data Integration Platforms

Our platform currently offers 90+ data connectors, including on-demand API support for any data source.

If you’re looking to integrate Airtable, want to connect data from a new platform, or have additional questions, contact us to discover more.