Scott Hanrahan
APR 30, 2024
5 min read
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A Rivery mantra we repeat internally and externally is “Make complex data integration simple.”

As we’ve written about in-depth, the more data tools a company uses, the more their software costs and maintenance hours can get out of hand. That’s why we’ve built what we believe is the most flexible SaaS ELT tool on the market – one that can bend to any type of data ingestion, transformation, orchestration, or activation task that our clients wish. 

In parallel with this evolution of the modern data stack behind the data warehouse, a similar trend has emerged in front of it. This happens on the BI and dashboarding layer which most business users use to make decisions.

I spent the first six years of my career as a BI consultant. I know what it’s like to put months of thoughtful time into a powerful suite of dashboards that most people end up using as a fancy Excel-data-downloader tool – a data governance nightmare. I know what it’s like to blame myself, the dashboard builder, for this, and to invest even more in change management strategies for the next round.  

Sigma is changing the game. In a single SaaS tool, Sigma users can prep data, ask it natural-language questions, build visualizations, manipulate it in a spreadsheet interface, and even change it in the underlying data cloud warehouse. Doesn’t that flexibility sound a lot like the front-end equivalent of Rivery?

That is why we are excited to announce our partnership with Sigma, a prominent leader in cloud-native analytics and business intelligence. With Rivery, a cloud data warehouse, and Sigma, companies get a complete, powerful, and flexible analytics stack with just three tools.

Why Sigma?

Similar to Rivery, Sigma’s platform combines simplicity with flexibility, allowing companies to harness their data more effectively without requiring extensive technical expertise or coding. Sigma is a cloud-native analytics platform that employs a user-friendly spreadsheet interface, granting business users immediate access to explore and extract insights from their cloud data platform.

By eliminating the constant exchange of information between data and business users, Sigma significantly reduces the time spent waiting for business insights, saving days or even weeks.

While extracting and loading data into a cloud data platform marks the initial phase for companies transitioning to AI and data-driven approaches, Sigma ensures that stakeholders don’t need to depend on data teams for timely insights. This is particularly crucial as data teams are often constrained by time and resources. Thus, Sigma’s streamlined process mitigates the prolonged delays in obtaining valuable business insights.

Better Together: Rivery and Sigma

Rivery and Sigma simplify delivering actionable insights to the rest of your organization without adding headcount or building infrastructure.

On top of this, companies using Rivery can activate their data and push it back into operational tools. This flexibility will reduce the need to create a complex stack so the data team can spend more time delivering quality data for Sigma.

One way to integrate Rivery and Sigma as part of a single workflow is using Rivery’s kit to materialize Sigma’s data as soon as Rivery finishes processing it in the warehouse. For example, the workflow could consist of Rivery data pipelines extracting data from different marketing Ad channels such as Facebook Ads, X, and Linkedin and pushing it to Snowflake. Then a set of push-down SQL transformations will be orchestrated by Rivery to further model the data with joint data structure across all three sources.

Once the data is updated in Snowflake (i.e. daily), Rivery can then trigger a materialization process for the applicable Sigma workbook used by marketing campaign managers. This process can reduce computing costs, lowering your data warehouse bill. In addition, the materialization enhances query performance so Sigma analyses can load even faster. Finally, it ensures those analyses are done using the freshest data available in the warehouse.

Our partnership with Sigma offers a simpler yet powerful SaaS data stack for cloud-native environments. Reach out to our team to learn more about how our strategic partnership with Sigma can benefit your business.

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