Rivery's big data integration tools and data management system enables automated data integration in the cloud. Rivery is a code free intuitive Saas Integration tool that allows you to focus on insights and actions, while we build and maintain your data pipelines. Marketing Analytics Tools for Agencies & Multi-Account Management

Marketing Agencies & Multi-Account

Marketing Agencies & Multi-Account

Marketing agencies face a different set of challenges when it comes to managing data. With Rivery you can manage, aggregate, or manipulate insights from multiple accounts.

We’re familiar with the challenges that many of our customers face when trying to orchestrate data from multiple clients, accounts, or teams. With simplicity and efficiency in mind, we made sure Rivery provides the best solution for agencies that need to manipulate data from multiple client accounts efficiently.

One-time Integration Across All Accounts

You only need to integrate a platform once with Rivery. Configuration doesn’t need to be changed to add new accounts, helping businesses that deal with multiple account to save time through our integrated data management.

Full Functionality of Source API

Every platform integration through Rivery gives companies the ability to get any type of data from a given API. There’s no limit as to the dimensions of data that can be explored, including any type of ROI metric, audience breakdown, KPI, or combination of those.

Automatically Add New Accounts

Essential for fast-paced business that are constantly adding new accounts or clients. Having this data automatically extracted and lined up to the rest of your operations means that you don’t have to waste time on setup for new clients.

Cross-manipulation with multiple data sources

Measuring ROI requires combining data from multiple sources such as attribution platforms, advertising, analytics, etc. Rivery allows you to sync all data so platforms ‘talk to each other’ and changes are reflected across the data pipeline.

Discover how leading data-driven companies leverage Rivery to orchestrate all their business data:
yellowhead etl pipeline case study
yellowHEAD is an online marketing agency that unites channels including ASO, SEO, SEM, and Social to provide top firms with an effective online presence. Their expert team provides marketing solutions, implementing proven User Acquisition, App Store Optimization, and Search Engine Optimization methodologies.
QualityScore is a boutique online marketing agency, specialized in large-scale campaigns. Most of their output is delivered working with the biggest digital advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Bing, and Taboola. They helps enterprise clients reach ambitious goals by engaging with all the necessary channels.