yellowHEAD is an online marketing agency that unites channels including ASO, SEO, SEM, and Social to provide top firms with an effective online presence.

Their expert team provides marketing solutions, implementing proven User Acquisition, App Store Optimization, and Search Engine Optimization methodologies.

By implementing cross-field insights, they are able to improve results on all spectrums. Their clients operate in the most competitive advertising markets in the world, including gaming, eCommerce, retail and more.


The Challenge

As a cutting-edge digital marketing agency, yellowHEAD has to extract and analyze campaign data from multiple external sources.

In addition, they wanted to create a unified data warehouse in the cloud with aggregated data from all their sources of insights to be able to optimize their clients’ campaign performance and ROI, while operating in a more efficient and effective way.


The Solution

With Rivery they were able to take their data systems to the next level. They are now able to automatically process and normalize all their data into a single cohesive model.

yellowHEAD can now forget about the time-consuming tasks of downloading data from each source and manually collating it on spreadsheets.

To be able to achieve this, they’re using Rivery to connect all their client data into a single dashboard.

This doesn’t only save their team valuable time, but also provides the business with one dashboard for everyone instead of managing multiple BI dashboards for each team (i.e. AdWords, Facebook, etc.)

The Outcome

yellowHEAD account managers now have access to their clients’ campaign results whenever they need them, and they’re automatically updated daily on Rivery which means insights are always up to date.

With over 30 integrations from multiple external sources, yellowHEAD is a prime example of how marketing agencies can leverage the power of data through consolidating data collection and streamlining the way their team accesses client insights to be always on top of the performance of multiple concurrent campaigns.

The Rivery integrations involve both network data for where they place the ads (i.e. AdWords, Facebook, Bing, etc) and also App Tracker data for other platforms such as AppsFlyer or Adjust.

This powerful combinations of insights gives them the ability to gain unprecedented insights on the performance and ROI of their campaigns.

In addition, they added their business logic with SQL through Rivery to ensure the business metrics they track and analyze are the most relevant to their clients’ businesses.

Utilizing Rivery’s data transformations, yellowHEAD was able to use SQL to clean and blend their data from all relevant sources. Rivery gave them the ability to handle tricky data sources such as a zipped file in a link within the body of an email.

Finally, yellowHEAD uses Tableau’s visualization tools to routinely share and showcase their insights internally and externally.

Morli Ben David, yellowHEAD’s Head of Product, lead the efforts to improve the company’s data management efforts with Rivery.

In his words he explains their challenge: “We in yellowHEAD are facing a massive data management challenge: We have dozens of clients, each client has several accounts, each account has its own set of data sources (anywhere between 2-10), and for each account we track several different KPIs. This short list alone can make your head spin… On top of this, we are adding more clients every month and marketing data by its nature is ever-changing. To make things even more complicated, one must understand that all this data is our bread and butter – we have to manage literally millions of dollars on a monthly basis, so downtime or inaccuracy are not an option. Rivery makes it much more reasonable to handle this challenge.”

“A reporting process that once required back-and-forth between different teams is now executed ad-hoc by team leads in minutes, cutting time to execution in half. ”
Jean H., Senior Data Analyst
“Great product - saves us lots of time on ETL's. It helps us to perform our ETL's very quickly, It connects to a lot of API's and saves us hours of coding and updates.”
Shmuel M., BI Developer
“Amazing ETL tool. Rivery's team provides unbelievable service.”
Tal C., Head of Information Systems at WalkMe

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