yellowHEAD unifies their cloud DWH with 30+ data sources to optimize client reports, performance, and ROI



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Rivery saves time and allows yellowHEAD to focus on modeling, rather than building infrastructure

“Data is our bread and butter – we have to manage literally millions of dollars on a monthly basis, so downtime or inaccuracy are not an option.”

Why yellowHEAD Chose Rivery:

  • Rivery automated a labor-intensive ETL process
  • Provides up-to-the-minute campaign analytics
  • Data from 30+ sources on a single dashboard

The Customer: Marketing Agency that Uses AI to Boost Big Brands’ Growth

yellowHEAD is an AI-powered marketing agency that boosts growth for its clients using paid and organic strategies across all platforms.

It partners with some of the biggest brands in gaming, eCommerce, retail, FinTech, health & fitness and other highly-competitive sectors, providing them with huge KPI leaps. Clients include Procter & Gamble, Zynga, Intuit, Airbnb, Tinder, and Twitter.

yellowHEAD, founded in Israel in 2013, uses proven User Acquisition, App Store Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing methodologies.

The Challenge: Automatically Extract and Analyze Data Instead of Manually Collating

yellowHEAD handles a huge volume of campaign data from multiple external sources. 

Extracting and analyzing data to optimize clients’ campaign performance and ROI was a time-consuming process.  yellowHEAD has dozens of clients, each with several accounts. Each account can have as many as 10+ data sources and several different KPIs that need tracking. Previously, the team had to download data from each source and manually collate it on spreadsheets.

What they needed was a platform that would automatically process and normalize all their data from a unified warehouse aggregating all their insight sources.

The Solution: Rivery Blends Data from 30+ Sources on a Single BI Dashboard

Rivery’s ELT platform allows yellowHEAD to clean and blend all client data, from over 30 different sources, using SQL, and plugs it into a single Tableau dashboard.

That includes network data for AdWords, Facebook and Bing, as well as App Tracker data for other platforms such as AppsFlyer or Adjust. Rivery also handles tricky data sources, such as a zipped file in a link within the body of an email. 

And yellowHEAD can now incorporate their business logic, to ensure the business metrics they track and analyze are the most relevant to their clients’ businesses.

The Outcome: Teams Benefit from Unprecedented Insights on Clients’ Performance

The benefits are clear. Using the Rivery platform saves time, frees account managers from juggling multiple BI dashboards, and allows data teams to focus on modeling, rather than building infrastructure.

yellowHEAD now benefits from unprecedented insights on clients’ performance and ROI, and account managers can access up-to-date results on all their campaigns at any time.

“We are adding more clients every month and marketing data by its nature is ever-changing. To make things even more complicated, one must understand that all this data is our bread and butter – we have to manage literally millions of dollars on a monthly basis, so downtime or inaccuracy are not an option. Rivery makes it much more reasonable to handle this challenge.” – Morli Ben David, yellowHEAD’s Head of Product

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