Pharma-giant Bayer improves data granularity, control, and transparency with Rivery’s ETL platform

Within six months of adopting Rivery, Bayer increased its data usage on the platform by 30% with 100% data source compatibility and full transparency. 

Why Bayer chose Rivery:

  • Instant access to all current data sources
  • Quick and simple to add new data sources on demand
  • Total transparency: No more “black boxes”

The Customer: One of the World’s Biggest Pharma Companies, and a Leading Researcher 

Bayer is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, with a 2020 revenue of $45bn and almost 100,000 employees globally. The German conglomerate is at the forefront of developing new therapies for cardiovascular disease and cancer, has over 170 consumer health brands in its portfolio, and is shaping the future of agriculture at its crop science division.

The Challenge: Connecting with all Sources and Providing More Granular Data

Bayer had an all-in-one marketing tool that supposedly met its needs, all the way from ETL integration to data warehousing and dashboarding.  But there were drawbacks. The data connectors that came as standard didn’t cover all Bayer’s data sources.

There were concerns over a lack of transparency, with much of the ETL workings hidden in “black boxes”. And the data it provided wasn’t sufficiently detailed. In short, the tool was not expansive enough to sustain Bayer’s data strategy and operations.

The Solution: Instant Data Flow, thanks to Rivery’s 200+ Native Connectors 

The moment Bayer switched to Rivery it could instantly connect to all the sources it needed – then pull in many more, such as Twitter and Snapchat.

Rivery comes with 200+ native data connectors, and offers Bayer the option to add any additional source, simply by providing its API details.

Bayer had chosen Snowflake data warehousing and Tableau dashboards, but Rivery was the partner technology that sealed the deal. The company was suddenly able to handle more data in a better way.

Rivery offers greater transparency  – which had been a key concern with the old solution – and more granular data.

In addition, Rivery was able to reformat some existing data from the old solution, providing more detail and more options to customize.

The Outcome: Bayer Increases Data Usage on Platform by 30% and Boosts Efficiency

Within six months of adopting Rivery, Bayer increased its data usage on the new platform by 30%. It was immediately apparent that Rivery could handle whatever they threw at it, and more.

Bayer now uses the Rivery platform to handle all its marketing data, and takes full advantage of its connectivity by pulling in Gmail, Amazon S3 buckets, SFTP and a host of diverse marketing sources.

Rivery’s automation capabilities have boosted efficiency throughout Bayer’s data operation. 

Logic Rivers, Rivery’s end-to-end workflow solution, automated the data orchestration process, so Bayer could ingest marketing data into Snowflake and transform it in a single process.

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“Great product - saves us lots of time on ETL's. It helps us to perform our ETL's very quickly, It connects to a lot of API's and saves us hours of coding and updates.”
Shmuel M., BI Developer
“Amazing ETL tool. Rivery's team provides unbelievable service.”
Tal C., Head of Information Systems
“Rivery gives us the confidence to know that any time we need data, wherever it might be on the internet, we are always able to pull it, use it, and make sense of it.”
Tomer C., Director of R&D

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