How Rivery saves time, maintenance, and developer resources for Quality Score with a fully-managed ETL solution



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QualityScore is a boutique online marketing agency specialized in large-scale campaigns. Most of their output is delivered working with the biggest digital advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Bing, and Taboola.

They help enterprise clients reach ambitious goals by engaging with all the necessary channels. What’s more, their performance-driven marketing campaigns combine innovative technology, advanced mathematics, brainy analytics, and the most wildly creative minds.


The Challenge

As a boutique agency, QualityScore has a small development team. Their challenge was to successfully outsource and automate their ETL data processes so their inhouse developers could focus on creating new tools and features for customers.

This is how Rivery came into the picture. The idea was that dealing with data extraction from multiple sources and accounts, is something that could be outsourced with a solution that would free up much needed time and resources form in-house developers.

The Solution

Rivery provided QualityScore with an ETL SaaS solution to pull data from all their advertisement platforms. With a wide range of out-of-the-box integrations, the BI team was able to rely upon connections that are readily available and always up to date.

Using Rivery’s dashboard and monitoring tools, the company is also planning to retrieve data from clients’ APIs in the future – creating an automated data pipeline to orchestrate all internal and external data under one roof.

As Aviad Hershler, Head of Product as quality score describes it, choosing Rivery over internal development was a simple decision for him. Before using Rivery, developers maintained their internal solution, which required a lot of time and effort to develop and maintain all connections – and keep them up to date.

Having Rivery frees up time, resources, and gives developers the ability to work on other internal priorities that need to be developed.


The Outcome

Each client at QualityScore has their own dashboard. QualityScore is using a winning combination of Rivery to extract and transform data, Tableau for visualization, and Snowflake as their data warehouse, all of which are embedded into their proprietary system.

This advanced marketing data pipeline empowers them to have a close relationship with customers, with data visibility and transparency through near real-time dashboards which offer high accuracy and minimal upkeep.

Power has shifted back to the company’s BI team, and now both employees and clients can reap the benefits from a leaner, more agile and efficient data-driven environment.

Building an internal solution to efficiently extract data from all ad platforms took a very long time. With Rivery in just a few months we were able to orchestrate all data with API integrations that are always up to date.

This freed up time for our in-house development team to focus on building new tools with the certainty that our data pipeline is always in top shape and with no need for upkeep.

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