Founded in 2009, onX provides apps that enable hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts to turn their phones into a robust GPS system, without requiring cell service.

Headquartered in Missoula and Bozeman, Montana, onX recently received a $20.3 million growth equity investment led by Summit Partners.

“Rivery, BigQuery, and Tableau enabled us to harness our data, wherever it worked best for us. We can do what we want with our data in Rivery, just as we can do what we want with our data in BigQuery. And we can rely on Tableau to generate amazing insights. This ability to have so many options for accessing and analyzing data is such a huge deal for our data team.” – Sarah Linkenhoker, Project Manager at onX 

The Challenge

onX used data pipelines to load data from several different data sources into Google BigQuery. But with a small business intelligence team, onX didn’t have the resources to handle all the back-end tasks associated with pipeline maintenance. In particular, onX needed a solution that automatically adjusted to API updates.

After adopting an initial ELT platform, the onX team wasn’t happy with the results. So the team turned to Rivery instead.


The Solution

Before implementing Rivery, onX chose the potent combo of Google BigQuery as a cloud data warehouse and Tableau as a BI platform. When taken together, Rivery, BigQuery, and Tableau formed a tech stack that anchored onX’s data operations, from data integration and transformation, to visualization and analysis.

The combination of these technology partners empowered the onX team to execute a more ambitious data strategy.

The Outcome

Rivery came with 150+ pre-built data connectors right out of the box. The data connectors updated automatically in response to API changes, just as onX required.

In addition to native data connectors, Rivery also built custom data connectors for onX through the platform’s API on-demand service. And Rivery’s Rest API functionality allowed onX to manually add any API as a data source.

Once Rivery was up and running, onX increased the depth, volume, and quality of data in BigQuery. As an ELT solution, Rivery loaded data straight into BigQuery, as opposed to first transforming it as an ETL solution would.

Instead, Rivery transformed the data directly inside BigQuery itself. This ELT paradigm enabled onX to import more data at a faster rate.

Before Rivery, onX had disparate data sources, decentralized data systems, and an inability to combine crucial data. This led to gaps and deficiencies in reporting. Oftentimes, onX team members spent most of their time finding and preparing data. Reporting was hindered by these limitations.

“We were always fishing for data before Rivery,” Linkenhoker said. “Our main report used to be based off of a massive Excel file with no dashboarding. Rivery changed all of that. Now we can really see and analyze the data efficiently and effectively. We won’t have to spend all our time on data management any more. With Rivery, our team spends less time looking for data, and more time analyzing it.”

Rivery’s Logic Rivers brought a new level of automation to onX’s data operation. The onX team sent data between its online store and its sales system using a Logic River combined with Rivery’s Rest API capabilities.

“With Rivery, we built a data flow between our online store and our sales system,” said Linkenhoker. “They’re connected because our fulfillment team has to monitor both platforms. Using a Logic River, we pulled data out of our online store, and then plugged it into our sales system using the Rest API. This allowed us to send receipts back and forth, giving our team a more efficient workflow, and helping our different data systems communicate with each other.”

onX began with BigQuery and Tableau as tech stack foundations. The missing piece was Rivery. Taken together, the trio of these solutions allowed onX to control all of its data, from extraction to visualization, while creating scalable data processes.

With data connectors, Logic Rivers, Rest API functionality, and more, Rivery and its technology partners empowered onX to stop worrying about data management, and start focusing on data analysis.

“The most cost-effective ETL\ELT product in the market. Best support for complex transformations. Best philosophy and understanding of the problem.”
Dor R., Head of Data
“A reporting process that once required back-and-forth between different teams is now executed ad-hoc by team leads in minutes, cutting time to execution in half. ”
Jean H., Senior Data Analyst
“A great platform which makes life super easy in pulling data from API's. It's also a great ETL tool, super easy and simple UI, easy to control all your process. Overall great experience.”
Or N., BI Developer

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