Chen Cuello
FEB 1, 2023
3 min read
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Meet Bento Insights: out-of-the-box BI analytics kit for B2B SaaS companies 

In our current economic slowdown, B2B SaaS companies can’t afford to miss out on the business insights that fuel strategic decision-making. What separates true data-driven companies from the rest of the pack is how they put their data to work. Measuring and tracking your entire sales team’s performance is crucial to maintaining a strong bottom line. 

Gartner predicted that by 2023 organizations that prioritize data sharing will outperform their competitors on business value metrics. Yet according to a Harvard Business Review survey, 70% of different business functions still struggle with sharing data. 

Ineffective data collaboration and management remain a huge pain for many B2B SaaS companies. The top challenges include: 

  • Using too many tools leads to silos – with more time spent on gathering data than on analysis
  • The inability to view and analyze cross-departmental business performance slows down actionable BI 
  • Lack of scalable analytics infrastructure impedes business growth

Empowering your team with predefined dashboards to track every KPI you need to grow is the solution. That’s where Vision BI’s Bento Insights comes in. 

Ready to spend more time on analytics? Get Bento Insights


We’ve team up with Vision BI to provide you with a one-stop solution for all your sales performance analytics needs. Bento’s out-of-the-box BI analytics kit expedites your data collaboration and gives everyone in your organization, on every team, a complete view of your business performance. 

Why do you need Bento Insights: sales analytics kit?

Bento Insights save you a ton of time, speeding up team productivity and data operational efficiency at scale. 

Bento’s architecture uses Rivery for ELT – data ingestion and transformation. Snowflake as a data warehouse, and Tableau for data visualization. It provides you with a complete and comprehensive analysis of your entire business performance and a 360° view of all your customer insights. 

Bento Insights kit includes: 

  • Predefined dashboard for your sales team
  • Out-of-the-box ELT ready-to-use 
  • Out-of-the-box data warehouse and data models

Who benefits from Bento Insights: sales analytics kit?

Bento Insights bring massive value to every member of the sales organization from sales leaders to account executives and sales representatives. 

Key benefits: 

  • Manage the entire sales cycle with funnel analysis according to geography, team, and employee
  • Monitor your sales pipeline with cohort analysis
  • Lead conversion and win rates throughout the funnel 

Get a clear line of sight to your total sales team’s performance and track the most critical revenue metrics.

Sales overview dashboard 

Bento Insights Sales Analytics Dashboard

Key KPIs 

  • Number of opportunities compared to the previous period
  • Number of potential customers and ARR amount
  • Expected APP amount
  • Customer journey 
  • New opportunities vs. closed-won

Salesperson scorecard

Bento Insight Salesperson Scorecard

Key KPIs

  • Total ARR
  • Number of new opportunities compares to the previous period
  • Number of new customers compared to the previous period
  • The amount of sales velocity compared to the previous period
  • Opportunity conversion rate
  • ARR vs. Team Average 

Does Bento Insights work with your sales tech stack?

Bento Insights integrates with leading CRM platforms to simplify your entire sales process. Connectors include: Salesforce, HubSpot and Pipedrive

How it works 

High-performing sales teams use Bento Insights to keep track of the sales KPIs that drive revenue growth. Ready to track the pulse of your business? Let’s go 

Minimize the firefighting.
Maximize ROI on pipelines.

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