FEB 1, 2023

Empower your management team with predefined dashboards that track every KPI you need to grow. This Kit allows you to get a complete view of your business performance.

Manage the entire sales cycle with funnel analysis by geography, team, and employee. Monitor your sales pipeline with cohort analysis, and lead conversion/win rates throughout the funnel.

Bento is an out-of-the-box analytics platform for SaaS B2B companies. From Marketing to Sales to Product to Support, Bento connects all the dots.

  • Predefined dashboards for every business team
  • OOTB ELT’s ready to use
  • OOTB DWH & Data models

Bento’s architecture is based on Rivery for data ingestion and transformation (ELT), Snowflake as a data warehouse, and Tableau for data visualization.

Sales Dashboard Content

Sales Overview Dashboard: Understand the performance of your entire Sales organization.


  • Number of new opportunities compared to the previous period
  • Number of potential customers and ARR amount
  • Number of new customers and ARR amount compared to the previous period
  • Expected APP amount
  • Customer Journey
  • Get to know how many leads turn into an opportunity and become closed won.
  • Conversion rate and the average time period in a specific stage
  • New Opportunities Vs. Closed Won
  • With a nice Kohort chart, know how many months pass till opportunity turns to WON.
  • New ARR Over Time
  • Present the amount of new ARR per month in comparison to the target value.
  • New Opportunities by Country
  • Number of new opportunities by country presented on a world map graph.
  • New Opportunities by Industry
  • Number of new opportunities by Industry presented on a tree map graph.
  • Salesperson by Won Opportunities & ARR
  • Understand a salesperson’s efficiency by the correlation between won ARR and the number of opportunities won.
  • Snapshot pipeline: this enables you to freeze the pipeline on a quarterly/monthly basis

Salesperson Scorecard: Understand your individual salesperson performance.


  • Total ARR
  • Number of new opportunities compared to the previous period
  • Number of new customers compared to the previous period
  • Number of new ARR compared to the previous period
  • The amount of sales velocity compared to the previous period
  • Opportunity Conversion Rate
  • Opportunities closed per month
  • Salesperson’s average conversion rate with a comparison to the target
  • ARR Vs. Team Avg
  • Salesperson’s ARR amount per month compared to team performance
  • Activity Type
  • Salesperson activities split by type
  • Opportunity Details
  • Salesperson’s list of opportunities

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