Alon Reznik
JUN 1, 2020
5 min read
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Data-driven teams need instant access to their data to make quick, incisive decisions, all while maximizing the efficiency of resources. Today, Rivery answers these dual needs with our latest feature: change data capture.

Rivery’s change data capture instantly and automatically syncs a database with your cloud data warehouse. The feature not only enables faster data projects but also minimizes resource expenditure.

Here’s an overview of how to change data capture streamlines the data integration process.


Say Goodbye to Inflexible Data Migrations. Change Data Capture Updates Data As Soon As It’s Modified.

In the past, database migrations relied on bulk reading and batch windows. Data was not synced in real time. Teams were bogged down with source configuration. These factors made data integration more difficult.

Rivery’s change data capture, by contrast, uses real-time streaming to instantly sync a database with your cloud data warehouse. By analyzing a database’s binlog, change data capture detects data changes as they happen, and immediately syncs these changes with your cloud DWH.

With change data capture, your data is always up to date. The source database and your cloud data warehouse are continuously synced.

No database resources are ever wasted. Database logs are scanned to track changes, which adds no additional SQL loads to the system. And bulk selecting is a thing of the past. Only the modified data is synced with the cloud DWH. All other data remains static.

Rivery’s change data capture streams continuously into a client’s staging area, not into the database tables themselves.

With certain cloud data warehouses, clients are charged for updating database tables with each new record. By leveraging the staging area, Rivery ensures real-time changes while also complying with cloud data warehouse best practices that generate significant cost-savings.

Change data capture records metadata changes, so teams don’t have to track them manually. Customers never have to modify table structures. And the feature also acts as a historical data archive, including for deleted rows.

For a variety of data projects, Rivery’s change data capture is a game-changing tool. The feature is especially useful for migrating operational databases into a cloud data warehouse, high frequency database syncs, combining marketing and internal data within a data warehouse, and much more.


Speed and Efficiency: Harness the Best of Both Worlds with Change Data Capture

Change data capture gives teams access to the data they need instantly, and eliminates resource-draining processes.

This enables teams to operate more efficiently, saving on time and costs, while improving operational capacities.

At Rivery, our goal is to equip data-driven teams with the ability to unlock the true potential of their data.

Rivery’s change data capture is our latest feature to contribute to this North Star of ours. But keep your eye out in the coming months for even more new features!

Want to learn more? Watch the CDC webinar replay and learn how to achieve continuous data streams, easily manage migrations, and automate the migration process to sync your cloud data warehouse with your source databases.

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