Or Hasson
AUG 13, 2019
5 min read
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We’re excited to announce 3 new integrations. They are very important to marketing teams or agencies looking to improve the way they measure and analyze their social media efforts.

At Rivery we’ve developed a specific Social Analytics Solution for teams that need to monitor and measure large amounts of social data. It helps streamline social insights for the best data to optimize every dollar invested on social networks. 

These are the 3 social media management & measurement platforms which we’ve added to our growing list of data integrations:


1. Socialbakers:

Socialbakers’ social media marketing platform helps brands ensure their investment in social media is delivering measurable outcomes.

Leveraging the largest social media data-set in the industry,  Socialbakers tracks 10 million social profiles across all major social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and VK.com. 

2. Keepcon: 

Keepcon identifies the topic and sentiment of social comments.

Their semantic technology allows companies for a comprehensive understanding of the topics discussed by their customers, prospects or fans.

Their insights provide deep understanding of the emotions, perceptions, needs, desires and needs of target audience.

3. Social Studio:

Social Studio is Salesforce social media management tool.

The platform is designed to listen, engage, and publish using a powerful all-in-one social media marketing and management suite – and connect enriched social data to your marketing with sales and service.

Analytics across social platforms are constantly evolving and improving, so managing all the data can be hard.

Campaigns and organic activity generate a huge amount of data, creating a puzzle of analytics that needs to be deciphered.

Marketing teams need to understand performance and ROI across all their activity quickly in order to iterate/react throughout the campaign. 


A serverless data pipeline that integrates data from all social networks and platforms helps marketing and BI teams improve the measurement of their social media performance.

Benefits range from being able to orchestrate and visualize all activity in a single dashboard, to having the flexibility to manage data efficiently during peak times such as product launches or events. 

At Rivery, firstly we created all the data connectors for the main social platforms (for both social data and advertising).

Now, we’ve added the ability to aggregate data from the main management and analytics platforms. This closes the loop to support companies gather the best social insights.

If there’s a social tool or platform which we’re not supporting yet, let us know! We are constantly growing our list of connectors and would love to hear about your data challenges when it comes to social insights.

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