Alex Nelson
JUL 9, 2018
5 min read
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As summer heats up, global brands prepare some of their biggest annual campaign.

This summer, with events such as the World Cup, leading brands are turning to social media to leverage partnership opportunities. Marketing teams are ready to elevate their campaigns, and seize a chunk of the action across social platforms.

When social started to disrupt the digital landscape a decade ago, the advertising formats and opportunities where very limited. Today, social ads are increasingly sophisticated.

There are countless multimedia formats and the targeting opportunities. This means that measuring and tracking ROI for these campaign is also increasingly complex.

Analytics across social platforms are constantly evolving and improving. However, managing all the data for social campaigns isn’t easy. Especially as companies use multiple social networks to advertise in addition to their ‘organic’ posts.

All these campaigns and generate a huge amount of data, creating a puzzle of analytics that needs to be deciphered. What’s more, speed is of the essence. Marketing teams need to understand performance and ROI across all their activity quickly in order to iterate/react throughout the campaign.

More and more companies are building serverless data pipelines to streamline social campaign data. There are some clear benefits for marketing and BI teams to improve the measurement and performance of their social campaigns with a serverless data pipeline. Some of the key benefits of managing your social data include:


1. Get insights on the KPIs that matter to your business

Each social network comes with their own analytics which are useful but often won’t match your KPIs.

For example, you might not be able to choose custom time-ranges for reporting or do filtering by some parameters that might be specifically important to you. In addition, different social networks have different metrics within their analytics dashboards – making it extra hard to benchmark performance between them.

When you integrate your social media data to your data pipeline, you’re in control of the KPI. This will give you the freedom to design the flow of data with the metrics that are most relevant to your business.


2. Flexibility to manage peaks in activity

Social campaigns are often linked to a specific event such as a product launch, a major sporting event, or a store opening.

Marketing team work for months planning and devising their social campaigns to ensure that all their efforts are lined up to cause the maximum impact when the campaign kicks off.

This means that the volume of data throughout the campaign period increases dramatically, creating peaks in data usage. A serverless ETL pipeline will give you the flexibility to manage vast amounts of data when you need to, without overspending the rest of the year.


3. Orchestrate and visualize activity on a single dashboard

Unifying insights and simplifying reporting remains one of the biggest challenges for marketing & BI teams worldwide.

Extracting data from both organic and paid social campaigns will enable you to aggregate all data and make sense of it in your own terms. Digital marketing teams need to assess the performance of their campaigns faster than ever before – often in real time.

A serverless data pipeline that orchestrated every data source and feeds it into a single dashboard will give you the best view of your insights. In a single space, everyone involved in the marketing process can review performance. This will empower your marketing team to make decisions with clarity about what’s working and what isn’t.

Over the last few months, we’ve put particular emphasis on social data at Rivery.

Our data integration platform now supports direct data integration for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. There’s more to come so watch this space! In the meantime, let me know if you need help managing your social insights – our team would love to help!

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