Daniel Greenberg
MAR 26, 2020
5 min read
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Planning and forecasting software are essential tools for enterprise businesses to assess their performance and project their growth.

Whether this is financial planning, supply chain monitoring, sales reviews, or human capital planning, these platforms enable companies to align their business objectives, goals, and targets.

That’s why we’re excited to announce new Rivery API connectors for Anaplan and Adaptive Insights! These connectors will help enterprise companies harness the data from these sources, and orchestrate it along all their other business data.

By adding this data to Rivery, companies are also able to slice and dice the data in new ways, and more importantly, automate all their data processes using a serverless data pipeline that is always available and up to date.


Here’s an overview of the new connectors: 

1. Anaplan

Designed to help companies succeed at scale, Anaplan’s cloud-native solution connects people, data, and plans across the enterprise.

The platform offers complex scenario modeling, automated data analysis, and advanced machine learning capabilities that drive growth and give businesses a tremendous competitive advantage.

When you connect Anaplan’s API through Rivery, you’ll be able to pull all the reports that you have defined within your Anaplan console – getting access for the entire data across all months and years.

Pulling all these reports will enable you to combine Anaplan data with other data sources (i.e. marketing, advertising), and ultimately visualize it however you want.


2. Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights built the world’s first business planning cloud to help customers make smarter decisions faster.

With an emphasis on business agility, the platform delivers a powerful new paradigm for business planning. Adaptive Insights offers powerful modeling for any size business, yet is easy to use, including fast deployment.

Adaptive’s API on Rivery will empower you to extract data such as budgeting, sales, expenses, or any other information hosted within the platform.

Exporting this data and combining it with other data can further enhance insights on sales forecasting or revenue planning. This API is a truly powerful resource for Rivery users that use Adaptive Insights.


Just the Latest of our Finance APIs

Of course, these are not the only finance-related API’s on Rivery. In a way, financial software impacts every department in an organization.

Rivery offers integrations to different types of financial services such as NetSuite, Chargify, Intacct, Stripe, and many more.

If you’d like to discover how Rivery can help you simplify the way your business optimizes financial data, get in touch! We’d love to connect.

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