Alex Nelson
AUG 9, 2022
5 min read
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Rivery helps organizations leveraging AWS data services get their data into AWS in minutes so they can transform it into usable insights with speed and agility, and drive the business.

Our offering is a fully managed SaaS solution that provides reliable and scalable data ingestion, extraction, and workflow orchestration. 

Organizations across multiple domains and industries, including digital native companies, advertising agencies, publishers, and many others choose Rivery on AWS to address multiple use cases, including:

  • Cloud and database migration
  • Marketing data consolidation
  • Programmatic activation
  • Social channel data consolidation

And more.

A Closer Look at Sources

Rivery connects to Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift as sources, receives data, and writes it to the destination, with the option to use the organization’s own intermediate storage, to ensure that no data is saved on a vendor’s servers.

The full scope of source types that Rivery connects to include:


Users can extract data from databases and move it to a data warehouse, connecting to both on-premise and cloud databases, and securing the connection with Whitelisted IPs, VPNs, and/or SSH tunnels.

With Rivery’s proprietary approach to change data capture (CDC), incremental data capture is reliable, secure, and cost effective.


Our solution enables data collection via a webhook, which is an HTTP callback that’s triggered by the application or a user-defined website event. 

When a defined event has occurred, this webhook enables users to send real-time HTTP notifications from one application to another. At the webhook URL, JSON elements are received as HTTP POST requests.


Rivery enables syncing files from on-premise and cloud storage sources.


Users can connect to any API endpoint that includes an authentication flow, and data from an Action River can be loaded into a target table in a cloud database using Rest API.

To see it in action in your environment, we invite you to access all of the solution’s features for 14-days for free. To get started, click here.

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