Kevin Bartley
APR 29, 2021
5 min read
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From data analysts, to marketers, to salespeople, every employee must now drive results with data. But today’s under-resourced data teams are overwhelmed by these growing expectations. To meet these new requirements, companies must implement an organization-wide framework to deliver high-quality data on-demand.

That’s why so many data teams are adopting DataOps. DataOps speeds up the delivery of data and analytics to organizational stakeholders. DataOps is used to provide the right data, at the right time, to the right stakeholder. In practice, DataOps quickly delivers data to organizational customers by speeding up the development and deployment of automated data workflows.

In our latest eBook – The Essential Guide to Enterprise DataOps – we’ve outlined everything you need to know about DataOps, along with how to implement the framework at your organization. Read the eBook to discover:

  • What does ‘DataOps’ mean?
  • The agile development methods team can employ to improve data quality & velocity
  • How to leverage DevOps principles to make data teams more efficient, including version control, CI/CD, automated testing
  • The perfect DataOps team – the right personnel & structure
  • DataOps toolchains – the technologies that anchor the whole operation

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The Essential Guide to Enterprise DataOps

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