Vardit Jonasz
MAY 13, 2021
5 min read
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iOS 14.5 is rapidly reorienting the way ad networks and mobile attribution sources track users. Most crucially, iOS 14.5’s app tracking transparency (ATT) mechanism requires users to consent to tracking. Without user consent, apps cannot leverage iOS’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). According to initial statistics, only 5% of iOS 14.5 users have consented to tracking so far.

To make up for this loss of visibility, Apple is offering access to limited campaign data through its SKAdNetwork API. SKAdNetwork measures mobile ad campaign attribution in the aggregate, rather than at the user-level. This loss of granular, user-level data is primarily what’s giving advertisers so many headaches.

But since SKAdNetwork is the next best thing, ad networks and mobile attribution sources are rushing to add support for the capability. This led to a tsunami of API updates in recent weeks, as platforms impacted by iOS 14.5 rolled out changes to APIs and SDKs to meet the new requirements.

With so many updates, teams have had a hard time keeping up with all the changes. But our Ultimate API Updates Guide has you covered. Here’s a list of the top APIs impacted by iOS 14.5, what the changes entail, and the latest SDKs and APIs for each source.

iOS 14.5 – Ultimate API Updates Guide

APIWhat’s Changing?Latest SDK/API
AdjustiOS and SKAdNetworkAdjust iOS SDK v.4.29.0 (05-12-21)
AppsFlyerQuickstart guide & FAQ to iOS 14, ATT, and SKAdNetworkAppsFlyer iOS SDK V6.2.6 (05-09-21)
Facebook AdsApple’s iOS 14 Changes Are Almost Here: What’s ChangingFacebook iOS SDK V9.3.0(05-03-21)
Google AdsPrepare for iOS 14+Google Mobile Ads SDK (iOS) V8.5.0 (05-07-21)
InstagramApple’s iOS 14 Changes Are Almost Here: What’s ChangingFacebook iOS SDK V9.3.0 (05-03-21)
ironSourceiOS 14 readiness with SDK7ironSource iOS SDK V7.1.5.0 (04-22-21)
KochavaiOS 14.5: Final Launch ChecklistKochava iOS SDK 4.6.1 (04-28-21)
LinkedIn AdsPreparing for Apple iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency on Linkedin Ad CampaignsLinkedIn API (04-23-21)
OutbrainiOS14 ChangesOutbrain iOS Framework V4.5.0 (05-05-21)
Snapchat AdsSnap and iOS 14 IntroductionSnap Kit iOS SDK (04-08-21)
TaboolaAre You Ready for the IDFA Changes Coming in iOS 14.5?Taboola iOS SDK V2.8.3 (04-28-21)
TikTokiOS 14 UpdatesTikTok Open SDK V5.0.0 (05-05-21)
Twitter AdsTwitter and iOS 14 – Resource CenterTwitter Ads API V9.0 (03-02-21)

Stay Tuned for More API Updates!

Ad networks, MMPs, and other data sources are still busy adding functionality for iOS 14.5 on a regular basis. Keep checking our Ultimate Guide to stay up to date. We plan to update the entries continuously as more changes are announced.

And as always, know that Rivery has your back when it comes to these API updates. We automatically perform API updates for all of our integrations – including these latest iOS 14.5 changes – so our customers can focus on what really matters: analyzing insights and winning with data.

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