Alex Nelson
MAR 3, 2020
5 min read
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A recent piece of research from Salesforce about current trends and tactics driving marketing ROI shone a spotlight on the increasing importance of unifying data sources to unlock richer insights.

Surprisingly, only 47% of the marketers surveyed claimed to have a unified view of customer data. 

With a global panel of 4,100 marketers, this new survey didn’t only unveil trends and stats on how businesses manage marketing operations. The survey also highlighted the trends of high-performing marketing teams by connecting the findings to results.


The Growing Number of Data Sources used by Marketing Organizations

Marketing organizations rely on an ever-increasing number of data sources. Whether they’re operating within an SMB or an enterprise, the growth in data sources will keep ballooning in the foreseeable future. 

This is no surprise. After all, marketing success is highly dependent on strong data and sharp insights about, among other things, customer behavior. So the equation is simple: more data equals more customer insights. 

Salesforce’s new research shows that unifying customer data sources is a priority for 88% of marketers across the board. However, it’s a higher priority for enterprise marketers (54%) than for mid-level marketers (46%) or for SMB marketers (45%).


Data Management Solutions for Marketers

Whether you’re at a marketing agency or part of an enterprise company, the challenges of data orchestration are all too familiar. That’s why Rivery offers solutions specifically designed for marketing teams to aggregate and manage all of their data sources in a single dashboard. 

Consider an example. Marketing agencies sometimes need to track multiple accounts on a single platform to oversee Facebook, Instagram, and other campaigns for multiple clients. This is also the case for large enterprises that have parallel teams working on different brands or product lines within their organization. 

With Rivery, marketers can consolidate and manage any number of accounts for the same platform simultaneously, and share the results across teams. 

For more information, read how the marketing agency Backbone Media unified data for multiple clients in Rivery, reducing data prep time by 55%. 

As this Salesforce survey shows, marketing data is becoming richer and more robust every day. In this fast-changing environment, Rivery will continue to unify the data sources of all marketing teams in a single dashboard, empowering them to streamline their decision making with the right data at the right time. 

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