Kevin Bartley
JUN 30, 2020
5 min read
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In today’s 24/7 economy, businesses need to move as fast as their data. But companies often miss opportunities due to the slow speed and high cost of data transfers.

Our latest eBook – The Business Case for Change Data Capture (CDC) – shows how change data capture is not just the right technology for this problem. It’s the right business decision.

Right now, across industries, a big shift is underway.

Many businesses are starting to use CDC to sync databases more efficiently. CDC instantly and automatically syncs databases as soon as source data changes.


The Business Case for Change Data Capture (CDC) lays out what companies gain by adopting CDC, along with other key considerations, including:

  • What is CDC?
  • How change data capture boosts the bottom line
  • What business opportunities does CDC generate?
  • Why change data capture eliminates opportunity costs
  • How does change data capture create cost-savings?
  • Protecting business assets with CDC
  • Today’s CDC market landscape

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